New Forum Topics are set to close 7 days after the last reply

A recent change has been made to the forums where you will see a notification at the bottom of the topic stating it will auto close after 7 days of the last reply.

So far, I’ve seen it on a General Discussion Topic.

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nice we can stop having shit thread reappear after 30 days now :joy:


You can see that. AGS only like to focus on some shit


Good. Too many necro threads from 3-5 months ago keep coming up to the top and too many mf pheon posts.

This is what game needed ty ags.

Bad desicion imo. It will causes so much troll topics and floods.

We have already 99% Troll topics. So that would don’t change much.

We already have 100 Topics with the same thematic Inside.

no more necro

cool, now people can just make them as new topics again, problem solved!


Would most likely just lock the thread and not yeet it. calm down