New Gaudian Event Was Your Solution?

So wait… players complained about how monotonous and boring it was to do Guardians twice a day so you added a Guardian event where its not even a challenge to fight them and increased honing drops?

Couldn’t you have maybe released another event or increased drops on the existing Guardians instead of making us now fight like multiple guardians??? Its not even fun, just more boring same old shit. I get you are trying to get us caught up but damn, be more creative.


Just quit, some of you want a free pass to 1600 without playing.

So boring this posts


Not even remotely close to what I said. Good try kid.

Its an MMO I except a grind. Shit I come from Black Desert Online which is a real grind compared to this game.

All I stated is add some real content. Not this respin version of Guardian raids we already do twice a day.


What is a this post?

lol Just quit. This is part of the game and it was clearly mentioned that the event is going to be guardian raids in their apologizing article, and somehow this is a surprise for you today.

The biggest problem with this event is collision check during it. I think this is the one time, where it should be removed. Once you get rammed into a corner, which is often because for some reason guaridan AI likes to run itself into corners, you can get perma stuck for like a minute and its pretty gross with 3 guardians on you.

The way it works tho i think - Focus scorpion, once he phases (you should have dmg buff), focus either helegia or vertus, once scorpion phases u get dmg buff, kill him last. Reason u focus scorp is because the other 2 immunity freeze themselves for some reason. Cleared on 2 chars in around 20 mins total. 7 mins first clear 12 on 2nd party because their focus was split.

Overall seemed weird, was not enjoyable. Mainly cos of collision check on the guardians/getting stuck inbetween them.

Casual they said, not tedious as fuck.

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exactly, been reading the forum the past few days and it was AWS made it very clear in their apologizing article what events to expect.
People on this forum are just toxic and want everything handed to them for free.

Players arent complainig about guardians, the vocal minority are… guardians are one of the best things in this game lol…


I’m actually really enjoying this event. Definitely not pug friendly though tbh (that’s like doing it hardmode)

I definitely see what you mean though, guardians are not for everyone as they can definitely seem like a massive chore for some people. I love Monster Hunter though, so they are my jam, and I like challenging myself to take as little dmg as I can whilst getting quicker times. The group event is a bit chaotic and the CC can be a bit OTT, but with a good group who can focus the right thing at the right time, it’s fun to take them down together.

Again not even remotely close to what I said. ii’m talking strictly about releasing ACTUAL creative event. Not reskinning shit players already stated they didn’t want to play MORE OF. No body wants to do guardians twice a day then do this guardian event. There is tons more ways to be creative and add the same loot drops for increased materials to get us caught up.

Again has nothing to do with the everyday grind. Coming from BDO this grind is nothing. So learn to read before you comment. K thanks.


Honestly, I thought doing the Guardians the first time and learning their mechanics were fun as I was leveling. But now that I’m iin T3 and simply doing it for the materials it’s just like you said. A chore. Many others feel that way as well.

So this event is an easier version of the guardian weekly we are missing from the game. While it may not appeal to you, this is a free extra event. We will get more and some of them will be easy and some more engaging.

Their solution was beyond this though. Pvp vendor has a lot of mats; they also gave each account a massive free amount of mats and increased the amount of mats from grand prix.

Nothing is perfect but new content is coming we believe in April 14th.

Tldr this is free content aimed at helping. The content we are missing is a more difficult version of this that you only do 3 times a week for less rewards and the abyss weekly which is running, well, existing abyss.

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You are right. Nothing is perfect which is why my posts any others like it exist. To provide feedback and hopefully obtain change.

Over the course of the week lets see if this changes things. This infuison is a step in the right direction.

Given how things have been, I like this direction. on one hand it may not be enough immediately, but they cant just boost you. lets observe now that the changes are happening

I would recommend looking to kr to see what they have as we will be getting that content first before major changes.

Kr has weekly guardians which are basically doing this with buffed guardians and gear sync, as well as abyss with gear sync.

Later they add other events but a lot of events are themed for the season, like the water park event where we go to a summer theme island and attack each other with water guns.

This event is also in kr occasionally with amother guardian event known as “mystic”, but we may not see that one for a bit because na/eu players haven’t tried him and he’s far more challenging. This particular event was probably chosen due to the familiarity players should have by now to make it super easy to complete.

Also if you want to make a post, it may help to come up with ideas instead of saying “this is bad”. Offer alternatives without title that may come off as aggressive. Kr devs have a different culture there and if they read it it may come off better.


I’ve seen what they have in Korea version. I follow alot of Korea steamers of the game as well. We dont even have half the end game content out right now. That kinda leads to my point. Out of all the things they couldn’t have added, this one doesn’t do the game any justice. Especially after so many complained about having to do the same 2 Guardians every day already.

All I’m saying is there way so many other ways to go about this.

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After what just happened with Argos and the amount of players asking them to delay the next content addition, how could you think a thread like this wouldn’t immediately look stupid?

The event adds a ton of materials to bridge the gap not having Challenge Abyssals and G raids created in the progression curve, and it is LITERALLY a version of Challenge G raid. You knew we weren’t getting any new content this week because this patch was literally concocted out of thin air to resolve the issues players have been complaining about.

We all know we aren’t getting Challenge content for a month or so, possibly with Valtan and South Vern, but I can’t understand what the point of this thread is when everyone knew that wasn’t being added today.

The event is fantastic, an awesome solution to the problems players are dealing with. This thread is just pointless whining. All these stupid posts saying “why not add this, or that instead” - as though the planned patch cycle for the game is something that can just be changed on a whim, as though they choose what content will be added randomly as the start of the day on patch day.

Kind of agree with this. It just seems like all these people complaining are beyond deluded.

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A lot of these posts are like, you feed the starving person, and they complain that the food isn’t tasty. Beggars can’t be choosers.


Sure but honestly this is the safest. If you watch those content then you know what is and isn’t available at our current content, and you will see aside from giving us free mats which they did, they’ve already given us two non season specific events. And, again, this guardian event circulates KR not to infrequently so it is a common thing.

Another thing, “we don’t have half the end game” yeah we don’t have weekly guardian or abyss, but honestly it would just be a cesspool of elitism since engravings aren’t synced and elitists would just kick people right now.

1370 is tough but from today’s update i know 3 people that went from 1355 to 1370 so it is helping.

So, offer some ideas based on your knowledge of KR. Playing kr mmos for years i can start KR devs respond and act more often when they get feedback from players includi g what they may see instead of "i don’t like this. " KR players think we are children because we fight and can’t give Good feedback. Remember that they have entirely different cultures and to get them to work with us we have to try to “speak their language more”