New Guardian event bugged?

Bosses we killed kept respawning. We were left with 1 boss after all time had gone by. 3x 1350+ members and 1 tier 1

I didn’t see any respawning but it’s bugged for sure.

-The bosses appear from thin air randomly when they’re supposedly using their burying/flying thing and jumping back, instead teleporting back to the ground while frozen in place
-You get hit by invisible skills and then the boss teleports to the end of their ability after a while like if they did it normally
-The bosses use the area change much more often to the point of wasting more time on running than fighting. This one was only Nacrasena and the other two actually only area changed once while Nacrasena area changed 6(!) times during the entire thing.

It’s not gamebreaking but I never did a more annoying guardian fight so if they were going for that props to them lol.

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i also do half the dmg i normally do. what is going on

I read on another post they’re supposed to drop orbs that power you up but fail to do so in all runs so that might be it.

all this in order to avoid tweeking honing rates or giving any new content sooner. Beats me

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did u break nacra’s tail? as they dropped orbs for me everytime i broke the tail, big damage buffs

Honing and classes would be awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah it took my group 16 minutes to kill the three bosses, we were all T3 players who brought battle items to use. There is definitely something wrong here, it was not a “fun chill experience for all players” it was a nightmare. I cannot imagine getting paired with new players in that. And for 200 reward definitely not a worthy time investment as it sits currently. I feel like they did not play test this new seasonal event in the slightest.


I had no trouble beating the bosses so I can’t remember if that was what dropped them. Would make sense if it did though.

i went in solo, and was smashing nacrasena around, but it wasn’t dying figured i was doing something wrong, destroyed the tail and realised that it drops massive buffs, then managed to absolutely destroy them, i think the event is to teach people break mechanics

I think it’s bugged too… Can’t imagine when I took that long to kill a guardian before…

tldr: learn break mechanics

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While that is awesome you found a work around, kind of hard to break the tail when I am stun locked by giant flying bird or earthquake 50% of the fight lol. Wouldn’t be an issue if the monsters didn’t double/triple team up.

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Pro-tip, if you do the mechanics things happen. Imagine knowing the easiest way to kill a boss, apply that to these.

i just solo’d it and it was ridiculously easy. a singular skill of weak point lvl 2 was enough to break the tail and even after only 1 round of buffs i was barely even taking dmg anymore.

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bugged for me, the bosses keep respawning every time, nacrasena died like 4 times and keep appearing…

It is suppose to reappear so you have more chances to break the tail for buffs. I am assuming you guys were not breaking the tail. You deal over million damage when you recieve the buffs from the scorpion tail.

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yeah was that, 2nd party and this event was done in less than 3 min

Yes I’m having the same issue. We killed each boss 3-4 times and they just keep fuckinig respawning over and over. Finally at the end fo the round after time ran out it said we killed one of them… even though we had killed that same guy 4 times already and it didnt update.

This mode is fucking stupid and they should have just lumped the rewards into the normal daily Gaurdians we already do.