New guy neeed advice on class

i need some advice on what class to pick. I like pvp, mostly 1v1, playing male only characters, any advice lads ?

berserker or striker

For 1vs1 Deadblade easy


I would honestly suggest playing around in Trixion to get a feel for which class suits you best. Whenever you make a new character, the game allows you to try it out and play around with the abilities so that you get a feel for that class before you choose which sub-class to play.
So I would say create a character of each class, and then go into the game and practice a bit with them and see which one fits your playstyle best.

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deadeye prob best male 1v1 in the game, that or sharpshooter


Striker is really good on pvp (they always kill me :c) (he also good on pve) and is fast/fun to play

Deadeye, any martial artist, destroyer, zerker all good.

In my personal opinion for 1v1:

Sharpshooter = Striker > deadeye = destroyer = gunlancer = zerker = paladin. (not sure exactly about DE because i personally didnt played it but i see it strong when i fight agaisnt a good DE so it might be considered on same level as SS and Striker i am not sure)

for 3v3:
paladin > destroyer = gunlancer = striker = zerker > Sharp shooter = deadeye;

It honestly depends on your personal playstyle choose, and on which mode you focus more.

If you prefer more hit and run playstyle then SS/Striker/zerker/DE would be the better choice , if you prefer more stationary and tanky playstyle destroyer/gunlancer/paladin would be the better choice

Have fun and good luck!

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I’ve been loving Sharpshooter lately. Also got my first triple kill on him in 3v3 :smiley: . For 1v1’s, I can tell you that they are annoying to deal with.

I disagree.
for 1v1 deadeye and SS are better then striker.
for 3v3 destro is bottom tier, beaten by pala and deadeye and warlord handily.
People will steadily start learning how to play against destro the same way they slowly are starting to stop crying about arti, its the same exept destro is even worse.

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I dont know, i feel like striker is as good as them, the difference is very very small i believe, but thats just my subjective opinion.

In all of the tier lists destro is bottom tier and i agree with that, i put it a bit higher, because we ar still missing classes and currently it is effective enought so in my personal opinion it is not bottom tier in our version, but again this is just my subjective point of view.

striker is the hottest male class by far. after SS and deadeye

Permanently dead blade, can’t be countered :smiley: