New hairstyles in Korea, when in EU/NA?

Hi guys, have we heard yet when we will be able to enjoy the new hairstyles that were released in Korea? I have been holding on to my appearance change coupon and I was wondering whether we had some news on it. Couldn’t find any post on it. Inserted pic of hairstyles below :hugs:


I was also wondering this myself, they are very nice!

I just wish they will release a barber so we can change hairstyles in game without paying 10 bucks each time.


True, FFXIV is really unique in that sense. The game does a good job at making sure you do not get bored of your look. I hope to see some of that in Lost Ark, but who knows. For now, these haircuts would be great :heart_eyes:


+1 I’m also wondering this.

No mullet?


We really need this, i cant really decide what old hairstyle should i use for now, because i dont like them all :sweat_smile:

These are super cute! Can’t wait for them to come out :slight_smile:

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they look all the same for me