New hairstyles?

Curious when we can expect them. I know it was stated to be in May, but was curious if they were planned on being added with Valtan(?) and other larger content. I ask because that stuff is most likely going to be end of May :slightly_frowning_face: @Roxx

im curious when the’ll fix the existing ones…

it looks like all my female toons have alopecia

It is planned for the May content update!!


that’s great news!

Will we get the front and back indicator and the “to do list” aswell with the hud improvement?

She means start of June

And if it’s anything like the costumes… there will be 1.

Nice!!! I’m so stoked for the extra options!

Do we get a free ticket recustomize our characters in order to get the new hairstyles?


Any chance for hairstyle change tickets in cash shop? its kinda waste to buy appearance tickets just to change hair

Yay! will it be all that’s also in Korea or just some?
I’m mostly looking forward to this one specifically

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A better question is : will we get a ticket for character customization since it’s added post-launch ?

Sure hope so.

do you know if it will come with a free customization ticket or will we have to purchase it ?