New Honing Bugs

Hello, many players are complaining about honing bugs being introduced since the may update launch, issues such as;

  • Being unable to hone after reaching 100% artisan energy on specific gear pieces,
  • Artisan energy not changing when failing
  • Some players unable to hone at all

Are you looking into this and will it possibly be fixed soon? Many players are trying to push to 1415+ etc ready to do Valtan on the weekend but can’t at the moment due to these issues.


Hopefully someone sees this soon?

@Roxx +++

When I try honing, materials don’t get consumed and artisan level does not increase. Always fails

SA: Kazeros

@Roxx i have exactly the same issue, on my Glaivier i can’t upgrade my Shoulder gear past +15 and yes i have the Express Pass active on that character, unfortunately i can’t change the Exoress Pass to any other character