New Honing Option - Use only bound materials

Would be nice if there was an option when honing to choose only to use bound materials.

[ ] Use only bound materials.


or an option to exclude the Roster storage


I back this 100%

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Yes this would be nice. For now what I do dump all my tradeable honing mats to my alt or vice versa when I do upgrade.
Plus make untradeable roster accessible

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Would love to see the option to select only use bound mats or unbound mats added to the honing NPC.

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+1 , didn’t even think about bringing this up.

They actually use the bound one first, and when u are out of the bounds one, it completes with the unbound

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Yea, I know they do but what we are asking for is for it to disable the use of the ones we do not want it to use.

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While it’s true you can keep track of how many mats you still have in your inventory and simply stop honing when you run out, there’s no reason to not have this simple QoL feature