New Language Selector

I love the fact that AGS, as the first global publisher of the game, went ahead and pushed for the devs to implement something like that. It’s what’s expected of a publisher, and that’s really great.

But the implementation is very wonky and doesn’t completely address player issues, so we should push for more granular and better controls, e.g.:

  1. Adding more languages. English, French, German and Spanish covers the bases for NA, but not for EU and SA. Namely, we’re lacking major languages like Portuguese and Italian. Worth mentioning that language filters in SA are completely pointless if you don’t have a Portuguese filter, as roughly half of the region by population is Portuguese-speaking.

  2. Make that an account-wide setting that affects matchmaking. The most harmful thing about having a multi-language server isn’t minor area chat annoyances, but gameplay disruptions caused by the lack of communication across teammates. I’m Brazilian and can understand Spanish, so this personally doesn’t affect me a whole lot in SA, but I can imagine someone from Germany partying up with a French and a Spanish person and having major hiccups in communicating mechanics if they’re not fluent in English.

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