New leaders Just said no DPS meter

The new leaders just said on LOA even tho Gold river is stepping down they still aren’t gonna add dps meter


there are some sites that provide “unofficial dps meters” for your personal use at your risk.

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Doesnt change the fact ppl keep whining n pushing for a official one, AGS doe snot have the authority to impliment this on their own so if SG says no then that’s finale

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if u wana risk a bann using a dps meter good luck not worth no one cares and this game dont need dps meter


I never said I wanted to use it. I’m just letting op know there are options out there. I personally think using one to improve your own gameplay isn’t bad idea. These unofficial one is best of both world, since you can just use it for yourself. Official one everyone will see

For example dps meter can tell you if you are using ur right skill after you use personal buff, etc not have to be dps

Thatsa what Trixion is for and they are also updating Trixion to add cards gems and tripods


Trixion don’t help support player like me. I can’t tell if I am using shield at good time (% mitigation dps meter calculation), or how much damage I am giving to my party because I am using my identity dmg buff at right time:(. Thats why I always think personal one is valuable. But I understand the toxicity it can bring

I play healer/tank in other mmos and I use their dps meter to understand if I am providing buff/shielding/damage mitigation for my party well to be a better support. Not really dps for me. Also things like tracking my overhealing

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It needs one, but it threatens their monetization model which is based on selling the illusion of becoming a better player by spending money.


How does it need one? What do you gain by having a DPS meter? Seeing your DPS is gonna give YOU the illusion that you’re improving as a player when you could just get a few lucky crits or back attacks for classes who play those as well as create more toxicity overall. And you still need to invite people to your party to see their DPS regardless so you just gonna start a raid, see that someone is doing average DPS and instantly stop to replace them instead of focusing on your own play? I doubt there would be a website where you log DPS like there is for WoW and FFXIV so what do you realistically gain from it?


yea bla bla spending money lol, u guys already forgot about trixion i gues

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why in dps meter discussion people are never considering us support players? My improvement as support needs me to track to make sure I am using my buff properly, shielding properly and not overhealing. Those thing are all part of the information that goes into dps meter.

In future when damage is more heavy, I need to know which attack pattern is the best for me to use shield because it mitigates the most damage to player, etc. Having that info is much easier.

Maybe I should just petition for them to make a support meter for us to improve our shield timing, buff timing and healing usage. I could care less about the dps but I want to know if I am giving as much dps as possible to my dps players by being a better support @Elp

Trixion doesn’t help us at all. There is no way for us to tell if we are improving as support player. MVP screen is kind of useless if we don’t get MVP cause it just say noble healer, of course noble healer we are the only people healing.

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average, no. but if they’re borderline afk then that does open up some other decisions

You can see with your own eyes if they’re AFK or not though. Plus in Legion Raids it’s easy to see who is sabotaging if anyone is. If you for example don’t break armor on Valtan means somebody didn’t use Destruction Bomb and you can probably find out who. There are other ways and in grand scheme DPS doesn’t REALLY matter. As long as people do mechanics properly the boss is gonna die. It’s the same story as raiding Mythic in WoW unless you’re like Top 5-10 guild where DPS actually DOES matter because of lack of gear very early on.

why no one talk about some information (maybe not dps meter but some sort of information meter) to help us supports out

some people care more about improving the parse than simply clearing. its the inevitable pve curse where you run a fight enough times and it gets so boring the only fun is chasing a perfect run which meters and logs help compare

Im main bard 1460 and i say no one cares. if u dont know how to handel buffs/schields here a pro tip from me for you :slight_smile:



Probably because supports are the unheard minority and nobody cares about them as long as they buff DPS during damage windows and give out shields :man_shrugging:

I mvp as support all the time. Of course I know how to do buffs/shields but when you need to optimize for hell modes (cause valtan is super easy) doing perfect timings is important. Min maxing your cooldowns/maximizing your damage bonus from buff is something you can only find info on from information that is sent to meter. If you are casual player who does content overgeared then obviously it don’t matter.

Maybe you haven’t play healer/tank in other mmos? There is so much optimization we have to do regarding maximizing our mitigation, not overhealing, and maximizing our raid dps using buffs

I know. I had that in WoW but I still focused on mechanics first and foremost cause I can’t parse if I’m dead but having the OPTION of parsing against others in the world made me play more risky and on edge to pump out more DPS. That’s not necessarily a good thing since if you do die while trying to parse everyone will start getting mad that you’re selfish and waste their time.

l’d personally rather have a team of people that push limits and compete with each other but wipes 4-5 times a week to greed than a bunch of “its ok we cleared” casuals that clear in 1 try but its all meh players