New leaders Just said no DPS meter

new leaders be like

While the grand fleet admiral steps down

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You’re looking at it from the point of view of a static team where people know each other. Imagine a pug that just wants to clear and unknowingly they invite somebody who tries to parse and keeps wiping when they just want to clear. If you put it into the game you can’t really restrict it to just statics since everyone will use it.

I agree parsing is stupid. Every good mmo player will agree, what matters first is getting consistent clears and then you only greed if you know it won’t cause too much issues with the weekly lockout clear.

Parsing is pretty much an art, people set up everything to make you look the best but usually not best for party overall. DPS meters only matter for personal improvement.

There’s also the huge issue with some classes being more raid dps focused than personal dps focused, etc

So for me it says " i play with potato dps "

Hell mode is only 8 x player rotate and after few weeks/days/hours cleared.

Min/max what? If i see in my group 3 people low i heal. if i see after stager dps i buff dmg, if have 2/3 people on me around and coming dmg i shield, i can use ping too.

this is not World of warcraft. support is super ez. and u can play 3x3 and play until brel.

You can learn all that without a meter it’ll just take longer probably. Gradually if you keep doing the same fight many times you’ll have the timings down by instinct.

that person is going to greed for the mvp screen regardless. meter only provides a measurable comparison between any of your previous logs

there is literally only a single situation where you need a dps meter: someone isn’t using battle items. fail to break valtan armor after first charge? kick everyone who didn’t throw bomb. bleed stack enjoyer? check if they use panacea. if they don’t, just kick.

the argument for supports: use buffs properly, except your buffs should be rotated so that there is minimal downtime, close to 100% on paladin and probably closer to 80-85% on bard. spam your shield unless you have a specific reason to save it. if you’re somehow wasting your identity buffs in legion raids idk what you’re doing with your life. close to a stagger or mechanic which results in stagger? save identity. otherwise just use it when there’s an opening e.g. valtan isn’t going to jump up into the air anytime soon.

the argument for dps: they have good engravings and build but still do no dps. no amount of dps meter is going to help without going back to trixion. otherwise your problem is you need to hit the boss more.

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And I mvp as support because i consistently get 35%+ healing in 8 mans on top of 18%+ party defense (im just counting valtan hard mode).

Of course the damage in normal legion raids not very high. But once an actual raid comes out where people are stressed for pots from an average player its because the supports did not min max their decisions.

I"m always a mitigate first then heal. For certain attack patterns, should I provide the shield to minimize potential damage to my dps?

Its because supporting is easy right now that you think you don’t need. At the time where flat out healing just isn’t enough, then you have to think a lot about planning your mitigation with your dps. Thats where the dps meter comes in

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But they have the authority to ban you or not ban you.

That is true but if people visaully SEE the meter it makes them greed more and more since they always want to best their best. This way they only see rough estimate in % after fight is over.

DPS metter will only let the egoistical overgeared players rise to the top, it doesn’t help the spirit of team work but break it by separation.

fun fact even on hardmode i dont spend almost any heal as bard dmg> heal

u mean the people that have xxxx chest and dont know how to use 1 pot? if i see people obviusly not using any hes gona die soon.

After playing since West release and watching incoming things support is so ez its gona get almost boring in the end is the player the dont play mechanik the reason he died, one shots cant be healed

min max what? u like thas 2 words right? for me is min/max max gearscore best accesory 10gems full card set perfekt stone etc bla bla.

No way, I’m so surprised how could they lie to us again!

except gear in this game is relatively weak compared to other korean grinders. skill gap vs gear gap is probably like 50 ilvl from floor to ceiling for most classes

My stance on this is more information is better. Generally when they want to hide information from you its because they don’t want people complaining about balancing.

People use wow all the time for comparison and it actually is probably the best comparison there is. Wow has a dps meter that’s actually really good it logs everything and you can see immediately if someone is doing something incorrectly and helps you correct it. Someone mentioned valtan and his armor not breaking immediately. Yep its those I’m gonna save it and the armor will eventually break guys. Not that valtan is hard but you have 6 or 7 other people throwing nades to break it immediately that one or 2 people just making it take longer.

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How experienced are you with high end week 1 raiding in other mmos? Other games we literally have to plan our mitigation cooldowns/major healing cds out or else people will just die to “normal damage” not one shot wipes.

Eventually lost ark at illvl (or maybe hell modes) will be hard enough where just normal chip damage may be higher than your healing output + everyone’s pots. At that point yes you really have to min max your mitigation/plan your healing. In other mmos this is stuff like getting players to move in a way so that you can help them catch all the mitigation thats thrown out.

Don’t even get me started on damage buff optimization. Figuring out when the best time to use identity damage buffs can be really complex

Only if you are deluded enough to think of yourself as above the rest. When everyone even out in term of ability and learning curve, gears matters, alot.

I agree with his point.

Outside of just dps you can see if you properly did your rotation - did you use the skills in the right order under your personal buffs?

You can also check for information like your party buff timings - lost ark lacks rdps.

Another really important thing is uptime, how long are you hitting the boss vs not? This one often excludes crit hits but is generally correlated with how well you can greed (assuming you’re doing rotations properly still).

Logging websites like the one for WoW requires access to the game API I think. Plus it also requires someone to actually code the website and working application. Even if there was a basic DPS meter in the game that’s all it would be just to see damage people do. You wouldn’t see granades used or anything on it.

@valantic I think this applies to the post above as well.

Also remember WoW doesn’t have it’s OWN DPS meter. It’s a community made addon.

Have done this for years in WoW. And the thing is cuz Addons are already normal. i cant say take it away in WoW.

But the reason i dont see it on lost ark is. As a DPS u can just juse trixion. As a Support u just learn by doing.

Just a reminder u already played now all the time without any of this crap. (u can get this but with own risk for a bann(so dont do it))


  • Use it on your own feel
  • pause momments
  • maybe on the end if no one have pots
  • try to avoid using it and let people die if they are greedy not using pots.


  • use it after stagger
  • dont overcap your mitigation use it random

if u wana " mix/max " learn the aktuell boss paterns and here u have your information.

but stil tank god there is no coming addon now im done with this have a great day