New Lost Ark Content Creator L4 Feedback

I’m a brand new content creator covering Lost Ark Guides. My goal starting the channel was to produce concise and easy to understand guides. My post here is to ask for feedback from the community on how I can do better, and if people feel I am on the right path to creating strong content.

I want to know if my content was engaging, informational, and respects people’s time… Or Boring, Audio is bad, disorganized, difficult to understand.

I am not quite to the point yet where I want to promote any of my content on different sources of social media, as I came into this with zero editing/film making experience and need more practice.

The platinum tickets, the zone’s not just a farm free for all it’s considered better if you cooperate with other players to get the special items turned in, getting you access to even better nodes.

Main problem is the talking bunny person avatar. Too … weird and distracting.


Wow thanks for responding ! You’re right, I could’ve eleborated a bit more on platinum fields.

No it’s not.

The best way is going solo, and doing herbalism

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