New map system - why i cant see details of maps?

How do I find material and npc report in the new map system if I can’t look at the details of each map? from the list of maps on the right, it just ports me, but doesn’t show the map. I’m doing something wrong? or it’s just a bad system. Do I really have to remember all the maps ?pff

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youre doing something wrong yes.

  1. You can rightclick on the map to go see the regions
  2. you can open all details here:

Yea, but when I click on the Triport icon, it gives you the drop down with the list of available triports in the selected zone. It doesn’t open the map of the selected zone showing you where those triports actually are located.

That’s the only gripe I have with the new system. I have to zoom out of the zone map, to get to the world map, to then click on the zone I want to go, to find the triport closest to the destination I am intending to go, because I can’t navigate to the map of the area I want to go through the drop down menu.


he is not doing anything wrong , in the kr version they can just click on the right and it show the map , our maps rn is bugged



im not. and yes, there are regions, but you cant see all details of maps. only regions :smiley:

Btw can some GM answer if you want to solve this? because without map details I’m lost.

It will be nice if we also can put favorite on the triports .
It will be big help when you are trying to port to somewhere for the wandering merchants for example, instead of opening the map for that area first.

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This does indeed suck. Really ruins the ease of navigation brought by other map changes.


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