New mayhem berserker

Can anyone link me or give me a in depth guide on new Mayhem berserker guide?

Take a look

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thank you for actually having a brain and not deciding to waste both urs and my time like some individual :slight_smile:

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Spoon feeding is too common now a days.

There is a bunch of useless sites for LA in the GLb side of things. Unless you know how to look up Korean guides or know of the community google docs, the information out there just sucks.

That is why google is your friend. You just need to know how to search properly.

This is already considering you are using google.

Like I said above unless you know Korean or of the community google doc, you wouldn’t really know what to properly search and you get shit gaming new articles giving you no information.

Moreover if someone has to ask on these forums, it’s likely that google has failed them and they need to ask a more niche community.

Looking for something using google doesnt need to have a master degree specially when it comes to a popular subject. You just need to read and decide for yourself which one to follow. Even if people feed you some information, it doesnt mean that it is what you are looking for.

But people who get asked use google and copy paste links that they think is the best one.


Well, guide linked above is ok but for KR version. In NA/EU we lack second legendary galewind and its not worth it to play with slower tripod(0.5s longer casting) on finish strike. So for now just take enhanced tripod instead So u can fit 4 skills in red dust window. Also if you want real berserk gigachad you should follow Vince [LOST ARK] Post-rework Mayhem Berserker Guide(TL.BigChina,활사냥) - YouTube

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