New mouse bug after new patch

Each time I finish a boss rush, I can’t click on my objects in my inventory, and it seems the mouse gets stuck in “drag and drop” but the only I found to unbug it is by going back to the character select/changing zones.

Edit: this bug seems to happen in other situations than cubes/Boss rush. it locks your mouse and blocks you from using your inventory


I too have run into this bug – in my case it was just after doing stuff on Kaltherz. I haven’t been able to reproduce it right away or on-demand.

Dropping to Char Select and then reloading did fix it.

Other mouse interactions seemed to work fine. e.g. moving around and stuff.


Yep seems like clicks get locked or something


same thing happened to me :pensive:

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Yeah, I got this bug FIVE TIMES so far. The only workarounds I know of are:

  1. Try moving to a new area or channel (e.g. Stronghold).
  2. Try going to character selection screen (can reselect the same character).

Of the times it has happened to me, three were while I was in the open sea. Going into the docking menu (where you can change sailors, skins, etc.) does NOT reset the cursor/chat window. You need to move to a new area or channel.

This is a more serious bug and should be elevated as I can foresee some major implications if it occurs in a place where one cannot easily apply the workarounds (e.g. abyssal/guardian/legion raids, chaos dungeons, etc.).

Yep, I’ve experienced this bug too, twice now.

I’ve experienced this bug at least three times now, and it is driving me insane. Please fix this. It sticks the skills you click (like a song) as well as items in your bags to the cursor. Then the cursor becomes useless.

Friends of mine exprienced the same bug two days in a row at the beginning of a Guardian Raid: they could not move batte items to the bar, the mouse itself was not working. They solved it relogging, but that cost us a death each… this need fixing.

I have also been getting this bug, its very annoying. Cant click, cant chat. Changing areas is the only thing that fixes it.

I had this bug while trying to dismantle after coming out of a chaos dungeon. It locked an item to mouse and I couldn’t click anything.

Same, once while trying to dismantle drops after chaos dungeon. Other times, randomly trying to use card drops.

This has happened to me 3 times now, twice after getting outside of a boss rush and attempting to open the reward chests, the 3rd time getting out of a guardian raid and attempting to dismantle.

same same. annoying more so than game breaking.