New Official Lost Ark video Ft. Stoopz

This is exactly what we want Amazon. Thank you for collaborating with a player who actually understands the content/culture of the game.
All the memes and relatability from this video really helped me get excited for the new Legion Raid and it doesn’t feel like a disconnect like some of the other videos that have been posted.
Love this!


show the summer event in the video but not in game KEKW


Doing more for the community than you. Please go away.


i have nothing against him but i cant stand watching him D:


I didn’t watch the video yet, but based on all the clips of Stoopz, he seems to be a very unlikeable person.


heh. simp

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“heh. simp. I’m so witty”.


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:rofl: 5 mins later he’ll be back on KR


Must be the friends/community he met along the way :slight_smile: NA isn’t good in that aspect

I don’t think AGS ever take any of streamer’s advise.
Imagine a company being operated by bunch of people that doesn’t know about the games in general thinking they know better.


That’s why Oldschools community is so much better then this one. The players make the choices more so then the devs…

Yes they get 100% say in the end, but only a handful of updates came that weren’t polled into the game. A poll has to hit like 80% players saying yes before they implement it into the game.

Ah yes and they fly their content creators to Jagex for Runefest, because they know how much influence a streamer has over an audience. Not to mention the people they can bring with them.

I’m always wary of content creators, streamers who voice their opinions about a game.

Subsequent criticism does not go to content creators who create guides.

Most of the content creators, who have the Lost Ark as their main game in the stream and express their opinion in videos, are essentially opportunists.

Opinion changes as the tenor of the community changes.

I would like it if a content creator addressed more words of thanks to the developers, after all they gave one or the other content creator a platform. In my opinion, this should be addressed directly in the content of the videos, especially by name. A declaration of love for the game itself is too indirect in my opinion.

Support union BTFO.

The guy nailed it tbh, a million times better than the rest of the channel videos.

Stoopz still better and more entertaining than CyFy


go smoke on a pipe lmao

I like it and we all should play on the KR version of the game as Stoopz does because AGS version sucks.


Seriously, you are a cringe person, if you are not 12 years old then i pity you for having
such a childish mentality