New pack in store

If you want to fix the game and make players happy, here’s an easy one.

Restrict all trading/AH/mail unless you spend $15 on a monthly pack of goods.

This pack of goods will be a great deal, including crystaline aura, gold and mats, and a rotating cosmetic like a skin or some emotes.

You can even do what Diablo does and put a big sticker on it saying “500% value” or whatever.

Most everyone still playing the game spends money here and there, so it will affect very few people negatively. And if you’re die hard F2P you’re already choosing to play the game at an impossible difficulty, so you like challenges.

no diablo stuff, thank u~

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Okay, skip the sticker.

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A lot of suggestions here but non of them are heard.

GL on this one…

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So basically a forced subscription

This is a really REALLY bad idea. Forcing people to spend 15 bucks a month on the game will force a lot of people out.

It wont fix any sort of botting issue either as 15 bucks a month is NOTHING to large scale botting farms.


If you want to enjoy the feature that is currently ruining the game, sure.

It is a $15 cost for every single bot. That’s tens of millions of dollars. How much do you think they make?

But these things you suggest restricting are essential to the game. How can you make gold without selling things? And how can you complete things like Kalthertz daily without a mail system?

I know for a fact they make 1000s of dollars a day.

Not from each individual bot.

I’m not sure you grasp how much of a plague these bots are and why they continue to infest our game, they make a LOT of money every single day, which prompts bot farms to make more and more.

15 dollars is nothing for them, so forcing the playerbase at large to pay every month so they can trade and use the AH is a terrible idea. Your head is in the right place though :slight_smile:

If you’re F2P you’re already choosing to go slow and choosing to be less powerful than a spender. Make your gold slowly and hone when you can.

If you think they are a plague, then make them spend tens of millions of dollars if they want to continue being a plague.

I don’t think you’re grasping any of this. Each individual bot can only make like 1,000-2,000 gold a week. That’s a few bucks. Then many of them get banned eventually.

They cannot each make up for a $15 cost.

And if they do make up for it, they’re just beginning to be profitable at that point. So it’s a month or two before each bot even starts making profit

I dont agree, and putting materials for sale in the cash shop is an insanely stupid idea. But like I said your head is in the right place :slight_smile:

I’m just going to assume you’re an RMTer since there’s no reason to pretend this wouldn’t kill bots in lost ark and possibly save the game

“Anyone who doesn’t agree with my stupid ideas on bots is an RMTer”

That’s exactly something an RMTer would say!

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The only alternative to you being an RMTer is you being an idiot so i was actually being nice.

You can’t argue that $15 a bot wouldn’t kill the botting problem, but you’re trying really hard. Why? Why would you say “this wouldn’t fix the bots” when it obviously would. They do not have tens of millions of dollars to gamble on keeping hundreds of thousands of bots alive in this game

doing everything u suggested in this thread would honestly kill the game for a lot of players