New Paid Server?

Can you guys just make a server that is only for people that pay 10 dollars can be in it? Or a server you have to transfer for only 10 dollars? At least that server would punish bots by taking a loss if they decide to be on a paid server and I can actually play instead of being in que for 2 hours lol. Free play server and premium servers… I’m just desperate at this point because seems like this game is falling apart with the lack of support, plenty of excuses, and no results that do anything.


I’ll gladly pay $50 to be in a server without bots. Let me transfer to it.

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I would pay $50 also lol.

I would pay 100$! (Just joking)

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I would also pay a monthly subscription just to play. This is beyond ridiculous now…

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It wouldn’t change anything. Why you people do not understand that the problem is that people do buy Gold from them.

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Anything to lessen it… remember I am desperate lol

Exactly hahahah

well if you can combine that with bot hunting and ban them before they can pay off the investment of creating account in a p2p game - bots would make a loss and stop trying as its not profitable :smiley:

They make thousands of $$ a day by selling golds and accounts! You think they would bother about a meager 10$? They tried the steam paid account trick, did not work. They need better system in place, they need better server side detection, better GMs and most importantly. competent staff.

yeah the combination would work out. But you won’t see that.

Human moderation (game masters) was excluded explicitly by a moderator in this forum as it is not possible to hire so many people. I call this bullshit but they said so and I need to accept that.

Automatic Systems are tricky (see helpfulness of EAC). I see often people arguing that it is easy to spot bots… They forget that humans have a very good pattern matching computer in their brain. A computer system has a hard time with this pattern matching. So don’t except here anything anytime soon.


GO fund me to pay for a moderator in game to ban bots in a premium server for 1 year lol.

I would love to take that on. Already on the inside. Thought that was what i sogned up for

No new accounts accepted; transfer only. One time fee of 50$. I’ll totally do it.

Have you consider that the bots could be programed by Amazon to make money selling gold? Amazon has your data and knows who needs gold, it is a good bussines… And the removal of gold rewards even reinforces the theory…

(joking… maybe not…)