New Patch = Everyone Floor POV

Honestly, what the heck is going on. Every guardian or abysal I’m in, i’m the last one standing.

Remind me to not play for 2 months after any new patch in future. Plz & thanks


lol then you will never play again cause everytime powerpass comes out. Lots of new alt characters with shitty gear comes into the game which in result of all these people barely do any dmg and make them squishier.

It’s not even this, its either people that are new or havent played for 4 months coming back for a week. It’s toxic.

from what i saw there is a influx of new players because of low level rosters that are stuck in between 1302-1415. Also a lot of new players dont know the concept of HP potions and die constantly.
Edit: they might be wearing outdated gears too. Afterall the jump between 1302 to 1370 gear is very different.

Players running guardians but saving all their flares for clown…good times.

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