New patch graphic problem

Before the last patch my game was fine, everything were ok and i was enjoying playing it. But since the last patch im having some issues with my game. As you can see in the screenshot, those lines and shapes keep popping up on the intire screen. I have tryed to change my graphic settings,made the steam check the files of the game and checked the drivers of my GPU.
I didnt see anyone with the same problem here in the forum. Anyone knows what is happenig or what i can do to try solving it?

Hello @lucaspalito! :wave:

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I am sorry to hear that you’re facing trouble after the latest patch. Let’s try to fix it.

Just to confirm a few things first, you are referring to the brown horizontal shape right in the middle of the screen right?

Also, may I know which graphic card are you using?

Waiting for your response. :mage:

Hi there, thanks for the fast reply.

I use an AMD ASUS RX 480 GPU. i am trying to figure out if the problem is with the patch of the game or the GPU. Any help is welcome.

Here some other screenshots of the problem in game.

those graphic shapes keep flickering in the screen, like some weird effect.

I understand, this could be annoying for anyone.

Could you please check if your video driver is up-to-date?

If yes, then please reset your Video driver settings to default.

For AMD cards,

1. Right-click on your desktop and select *Catalyst Control Center* or *AMD Radeon Settings*.
2. In the upper-right corner of the window, select *Preferences*.
3. Select *Restore Factory Defaults*.

Once the driver settings are set to default, run an integrity check and re launch the game.

You can keep me updated here! :slight_smile:

Im getting the same problem in other games and in the AMD adrenaline app, the problem might be with my GPU, i have contated their support and im waiting for their response. Thaks for your help!