New Patch: Thank you SMG and AGS!

First off I want to start by saying, THANK YOU!

I think that this patch provided everything people asked for in terms of “honing” and “extra content”

The amount of extra mats we can get weekly is INSANE. If you are still not happy with the increase then idk what to tell you.

To add to that we have cool new content, the raid is fun and now we have a goal to play pvp for. The PVP Rewards are great and that mount is amazing.

I think you guys did a great job to change stuff ASAP when the community asked for it and I can only commend you guys for it!

(Only thing people can complain about right now are the classes but they just need to be patient including me)

TLDR; thank you <3


We need more positive energy like this post in this forum


Yep I only see people complaining and being negative. Feelsbadman


you know what else is great? My girlfriend just got banned for playing on her steam account without any purchase because I gift her all the games from my account lol. Good update, they banned her with 23h and didn’t ban me with 400h


Why would she be banned for not having s purchase on her steam acc? Smells like shit.

That means more time for you to cuddle with your girlfriend. Good for you.

The guardian event is definitely better than I was expecting.

I still think the T3 rewards are a bit lack luster truthfully - but only for the destruction/guardian stones - 200/600 respectively weekly isn’t much, but its better than nothing.

The main gripe for me with the guardian raid is 3 guardians on you with collision check in place is absolutely horrible to maneveur around. I got perma stuck for about 2 mins and couldnt move until we phased one of them. They fully boxed me in and shit on me. wasn’t fun.

But, I am definitely eating my words from my previous post, it’s nicer than expected.

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Big thumbs up from me too - this should ease up the time while we wait for the regular content :slight_smile: definately nice to have some new stuff and also THANKS for the gift! love the skins and pets <3

This patch is pretty cool. More materials are always nice. The new event is a meme, but it’s a fun meme.

tbh, we wanna play the game together lol. Game is good as dead for me if I can’t spend time playing it together with her. I played alone so much and finally got her to play with me for the past few days and she started enjoying it and bam, banned xD

He probably feed her a lot of gold and the system decided she was a bank bot, 1 ticked and she should be unbanned I think/hope

I can give u both our steam accounts add us as friends and check us out, we can play whatever u want with us, we aren’t bots xD just AGS doing what they do best

Hello shawski i am unhappy with the patch and would like to say to the devs No thank you. i demand honing changes or riot


I didn’t give her not even 1 gold, we were just doing story, she got to 42, wanted to play today after patch and this happened. sad that most ppl calls us bots tho…we just seek help and ags doesn’t answer

I didn`t called anyone a bot…it was most likely a mistake ban, it happened in all freaking games ever made

She probably deserves the ban for being a gf who doesn’t gift you games well done amazon.

lol, she laughed

Thank you from me also SMG and AGS, the changes and additions are a welcomed bonus, keep up the great work.

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Yeah, this patch is awesome.

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I’m happy ngl, the mats helped me and my wife reach ilvl a bit more, and kudos for this thread! Thank you I’m SO HAPPY with my animal skin, mount, pet and all goodies. Even managed to snag the last card i needed for my card set! My wife was happy and she loves her Mokoko pet and board.

I’ll be honest, in a way some of the community asked for harder stuff after the beta, the game served by rushing things, tbh I can’t say the blame of all things is on one side or the other the blame lies on both sides. Those that thought things were too easy on beta and it’s now and they’re still complaining about what to do next after 1370, and AGS for trying to dump everything in a rush.

The game has been out a month stop relax take things easy, work on an alt or two. I’m not gonna defend anyone, but heck at least they’re trying to band-aid things. I know for a fact some companies -cough- NEXON -cough- they straight up will not give you a pitty costume for free. At the best they’ll give you a 7 day mount or 7 day skin :joy: hence why i stopped playing anything from them.

Yes AGS needs to work on a lot of things, and i mean ALOT, but at least they’re trying. Which is something. So thank you on behalf of myself and my wife :slight_smile: