New Player Experience and Scaling Needs Addressing

Older parts of the game are all but abandoned now as the active player base is, understandably, at the higher end of content. Because of this, certain aspects of the new player experience really need to be re-examined.

On a new roster if you go to the lowest levels of daily Chaos Gates you will be complete alone. Even a few hundred gear levels beyond the recommendation, you’ll be lucky to get 2 mini bosses into the gate before you’re forced out by the time limit. These gates are part of the welcome challenge, new players are specifically directed towards attempting this content. The fact that they can’t even be completed needs to be addressed. Perhaps these gates could scale better to reflect the number of players inside.

A very similar issue happens with world bosses. I went to Tarsila because it is, again, a welcome challenge that new players are specifically directed to and also drops a Giant’s Heart. Again - I was the only person there at all. There were no alternative channels, I was literally the only person. Despite being 200 ilvls above the recommendation, I wouldn’t even get anywhere close to killing it.

I’m afraid to see what the ghost ship will be like, I expect it will be an extremely similar experience.

These kinds of events and situations need to be re-analyzed, because it is an extremely off putting experience for someone on a new roster, and I can only imagine how horrible it looks to any legitimately new player.