New Player Feedback

I would like to at least discuss some of the issues I have with the game at the moment, before reaching end game and experiencing some of the other issues I have seen people discussing. Many people may not have a problem with these issues, but for me these are kind of major turn offs.

  1. Full Controller Support


This game has horrible controller support. Not only that, but it also forces Xbox controller icons on screen. So me, wanting to use my PS5 controller, I often get confused on what buttons to press because the cryptic icons and Letters are foreign. Not only that but also 3 buttons on my controller are not able to be binded to any keys (The left and right side of the touchpad, and the button in the center bottom). I dislike that I can’t bind in combat, and out of combat actions to the same keys. I dislike that I have to move a cursor with the analog stick. I dislike that common actions are bound to left and right stick clicks, which is bad for controller life span. The controller design also makes it difficult to play smoothly. Finally I hate seeing the cursor on screen 24/7. It should at least be hidden until you move your mouse, when playing with a controller.

  1. Keyboard Controls


I don’t know about you guys, but I have played PC games for over 2 decades, and never have I seen such an atrocious set of keybinds, for literally all actions in the game. Skills on qwerty and such is horrible. I don’t know why Amazon or w/e is trying to reinvent the wheel. It would be far easier to have the common hotbar, with a button you can press to swap through multiple hotbars. Yes the game has a lot of skills, but realistically you are not using most of them.

  1. No Form of Mod Support

I am sort of disappointed to see that I cant change any of the U.I elements on my own. I could easily swap Xbox Icons for PS5 Icons myself if I could do so. I could add the missing controller inputs myself if possible. People could tweak the UI to their liking, and so on.

Now I understand reasons not to add this, but I think allowing U.I based modding is perfectly acceptable. Most MMO’s today allow this, and this is sort of an expectation of most MMO players these days. I am not sure what standards are in foreign countries, but we have our own standards here.

Ideally I want full controller support, with controller icons for every controller out there. What if I am using a Steam Controller, or a Sony Controller. Just because Microsoft is on PC’s by default doesn’t mean players who have controllers like Microsoft’s controllers. The controls of this game is going to be a major factor in whether or not people will play this, and honestly I am struggling to get a setup that feels enjoyable to use. The movement is so great on controllers, if only everything else was as enjoyable and smooth.