"New Player Guide" not showing on front-page

Yesterday, they posted a new entry oriented towards new players: New Player Guide - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

But as you can see in this screenshot, It does not show up in the front-page. So, basically, is hidden to any player (new or returning) that is browsing the webpage.

Why is this post not showing up in the front-page?? If the purpose is to stay tuned, this post should be on the front-page @Roxx @Seawolf

that’s weird. it shows for me. just press on “News” to see everything. they can’t just stack them on frontpage.

Hi @catherina! Thanks for your reply. If I go to the specific “news” page, it shows to me too.

What I am referring with my screenshot is that this article is not showing in the front-page, the very first thing you see when you enter playlostark.com and scroll down to the “latest news”. I think it should show on the front-page as it is one of the very first things a player will see.


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aaah well i guess i read it wrong my bad. i thought that you meant new player’s won’t be able to find it at all. however yeah that one specifically should be in the list of things that you should see as soon as you open the page. i think the main reason it’s not there is because it’s not where they’re supposed to put these guides and that people need to press on News in the top left to check everything else including the new player guide! but it wouldn’t hurt to put that specific guide in the frontpage.

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