New player, have the most awkward question ever!

Hey guys, so ive just downloaded lost ark and everything is fine :slight_smile: great game, seems grindy end game, but youll either no life this game OR pay $ :smiley: (duh)

my question is mainly because all the characters are named geruehq OR fdiujfd, what I mean is they all sound bot… and run in pairs… and its so obvious that it has to be a mistake lol

im thinking maybe since i downloaded through steam im like blocked from chatting till I do some steps into my account?

Or are they all bots? literally 99% of the players show the pattern i just described

except for 1 dude that when he answered he said “havent noticed, ill check it out bru”

anyway, thank u :smiley:

They are all bots, they are there so you dont feel lonly while lvling your first char (joking).

All bots :frowning: That is not the entire levling experience though, but barely any players in low lvl zones you have to get up to more endgame. With that said still around 60k out of 200k online players at peak are bots

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All bots - Sadge - hurry to T3 little Mokoko and join the fabulous world of Legion Commander raiding \o/

well that’s why it’s called bot ark , that’s the majority of the game population

wow thats a huge bot pest problem

all right, thanks for letting me know eventually ill meet with some people, I felt like i was in the matrix whilst playing this… thanks for the answers!

(also i wonder why 60k out 200 are just botting - whats the purpose of it lol, anyway)

You might want to change that number to 120k.

80% of the playerbase is in my eyes just bots.

Don’t rush to end game. You will not enjoy it. You dealing with bots now. Endgame, you dealing with toxic gatekeepers.

Don’t level pass 1410
Work on your skill points!!
Put what little earnings you have on some books you might need later
Enjoy every island
Hopefully, base on your luck of rock cutting and drops, you can enjoy 3x engravings with a okay roster lvl. And might get into your first Argo and Cow raid.
Best of luck!

There are tons of Bots, Scripters and Hackers.

some are just more visible and obvious than others.

Thanks for the tip @Livid_Lightstorm ill focus on that for now :slight_smile: ill take it slow, trying to get a grasp on all the features, all tho truth be told its so much that its been a bit of a choir to keep up but I get it, once you understand them its easy work around that

I somewhat rushed (to some degree) because i wanted to meet with real people lol, so far i just got to luterra i think its called, and yeah i dont really see 179k online and saying that 3k of those are actual people would be exagerating, based on my experience but I get it, im still a lowbie so the filter is still up :smiley:

anyway, ill keep farming later on
i did this thread because i think i can now relate to elon musk hesitation to acquire twitter after looking its number, like are you really going to tell me 40k people are actually sitting at their pc/laptop playing lost ark? i dont see it real time lol but thank guys


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