New problem-Game crashes without any notification. *Error while trying to connect to the server*

My new problem is now the game is crashing without any notification. I’ve had no prior issue to the game before this… Is there any fix that i can do to avoid this?

Old issue - After pressing enter in the server selection, it loads for about 30 sec and it exits the game with “An error has occurred. Exiting the game.” that’s it. Before this happened, i tried queuing up for guardian and after 10 min of waiting i decided to do something else… nothing was loading so i restarted the game and then restarted my PC.

Lost ark error

Had this happen a few times, it appears the servers are having issues. Everyone on Una experienced an issue where they got stuck in loading screens. They closed the game and reloaded, and when they got on and attempted to connect to Una, it said they were already logged in.

Just got disconnected for this error as well.

Damn, so the servers are going crazy atm. I thought it was either my PC or myself lol.

Yeah, I am currently connected but I do not plan to do anything major until an official announcement is made that the error was noticed and addressed… hopefully