New PvP Balance patch

When will we get the balance patch for PvP? The difference between classes is obvious right now.

Paladin, Deathblade, Sorceress, Shadowhunter, Artillerist etc. have been the meta for a while. This led to the match-making system having too many of them, causing weird match-making issues. I had multiple games with 4, 5 paladins, or with 4+ sorceresses, or 4+ Deathblade today. It has been like this for weeks, making PvP feels boring and repetitive to play.

Heal heal heal, shield shield shield. I think I’m going to sleep on accident if this trend continues.


nothing confirmed or announced yet

Damn. They didn’t even give a proper reply on these topics yet. I just had another game with 2 Bards, 2 Paladins, and 1 Gunlancer. Imagine how it went. We won because I’m the Dps class, but it was super boring. 6 minutes and 2 vs 1 kill. It’s like everyone is trying to use a needle to carve sculptures from a rock.

The current PvP state: The supports role feels useless because everyone else is support. While the DPS find it difficult to pierce through layers of heal and shields.


as long as tehy dont get any reply from smilegate amazon cant do anything

The truth of the matter is that all supports in this game are HYPER busted.
They have objectively better then any dps. They have singular skills that can deny entire combo for a dps, ultimates that make entire team immortal for 10s, buffs, shields, heals and high damage combos to boot.
Problem is that if you were to nerf supports to a state that has them " balanced " compared to all other classes, they would feel like shit to play.
In a perfect world we would not complain about having support on 1 team because they should be more or less equally as strong, but they are not and its not even close.


You clearly have l2p issues :slight_smile: 2022 UPDATED PVP TIERLIST FROM #1 KR GRANDMASTER TOURNEY CHAMPION - 로아 PVP 한국 우승자 태풍 티어리스트 Lost Ark - YouTube

Guy who was bronz all time in rus xD :laughing: and EU/NA IS NOT SAME REGION ppl here play different look top kr class then go look rus total different story

Of course this game is unbalanced. After all, Lost ark lost a million players in 1 months time lmao. PvP is just as flawed as Honing and other stuff.

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This issue would be fine if they just implemented a check to see if one team has a support and the other doesn’t. Double support should never ever happen.

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KR is having a balance patch this week or the test server will. Either way the difference isnt huge and half the classes you mentioned will probably be buffed not nerfed hahaha… The balance is nowhere near as bad as you believe.

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supports are most certainly overtuned for pvp. The chances of winning against a team with a support when your team doesn’t have one is very slim.


It is but then there isnt much you can do about that other than fix the matchmaking to always have supports or make supports pointless. I cant see there being any support nerfs.

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Test server will be up in KR on Friday (is that today for us? Not sure).

The teat server is for testing balancing changes.

To be fair the director made it clear and loud lost ark wasn’t about pvp but he is still caring.

Every major pvp balance update might be decided by korean data and not by western players feelings.
We still need all the new classes


I don’t suggest to nerf the class. Balance doesn’t mean they have to nerf something. It could also mean buffing other classes.

They should not make any changes before they release all classes. With every missing class balance in PvP will change. For example you speak a lot for deadblades, but their counter coming next week. It will not be easy walk for them anymore :slight_smile: Sorcs will have problems when Scouter show etc.

Bro what are you talking about? xD people here don’t even know there is such a thing like a Class Counter XD

If classes ever get nerfed in pvp they will be so subtle you won’t notice them except support nerfs. No point in waiting for them.

Well, I hope the current trend will change one day. I mostly play PVP for fun and tried most classes. Just want the game to be more balanced in general.