New pvp class:the keyboard warrior

played some more game tonight and its still always the same scenario

the team that is losing start trash talking each other on the public space as soon as the game score board appear.

had a game myself where one of my team buddy spended the whole game typing obnoxious stuff in chat like a true keyboard warrior while me and the other guy were actualy trying to win.

so i will repeat it until one of the mods see it and pass the feedback up.please for the love of whatever ,just desactivate the chat window in ranked pvp .not only is it pointless/useless but its slowly becoming a source of why my experience is being utterly ruined.

people in pvp for the most part have massive ego and all think they should be GM but their team is holding them back in silver/bronze/gold etc. if you can’t change the player mentality then change the systhem around it and make it fullproof against it.