New rapport "rewards" are beyond shit



So instead of 2.7k gold they give us level 4 tripod? Not even level 5??? This is insane

Anybody checked other rapport rewards?

This was detailed in the notes

silver coin, engravings pouches (no selection), xp cards

I didn’t say it wasn’t detailed? Thanks for letting me know though

The OP knows that, he’s saying that the new rewards aren’t a good replacement. He’s allowed to voice his opinion and give feedback about the game, jesus.

This isn’t the first time btw…

Those who have been playing since launch will remember that pretty much all of the silver rapport rewards used to be gold as well!
Easily accessible gold to get new players going.

So once again, the playerbase has to suffer the consequences of Amazon’s incompetence and laziness.
Their inability (and unwillingness) to address the bot issue in an acceptable manner has lead to nothing but punishment for legitimate players.

I’ve played a lot of MMOs over the years, seen a lot of “bot plagues”, but I’ve never seen such sheer stupidity when it came to handling them.

I guess we can be “thankful” that they didn’t replace it with silver for once (/s).

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Yeah it’s crazy. Surely they knew that in no way level 4 tripod is equal to 2.7k gold? Don’t be greedy bastards, give level 5 tripod at least, but no…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again PUNSHING THE LEGITIMATE PLAYER IS NOT A SOLUTION.

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Even more sad is that this won’t slow down bots at all.

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