New Rapport rewards

So I was up all night thinking about getting some of the gold rapports which I did not because I put my faith in Lost Ark for one time and got disappointed as always. How do you even think that these rewards could even be considered equal compared to the gold people used to get? Just put something in there that benefits the player which can’t be turned into gold, ain’t that hard right?

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Read the Patchnotes :slight_smile:

Moving this from the German to the English feedback.

They just quickly threw something in. Its another cop-out measure to reduce the easily bottable gold in game.

They changed that? God, good thing I’m almost done with rapports, losers cant even realize that they’ll never get new players if they remove all sources of gold they have access to.

They clearly want us to buy the gold in their in-game store. But… the rewards they replaced the gold with are very, very poor in comparison to what they removed! Why are they treating us so poorly?

Does it not occur to them that some players may have been working toward one of these goals and may have been close to achieving them, only to now find that they’re getting a sub-marginal pile of near-junk instead?

The rapport examples cited are very expensive to complete. Why not Menelek tomes and legendary engravings in place of these thousands of gold?

Well, just my $0.02. (I hope I don’t get banned for speaking honestly, but this is upsetting, changing the rewards we are working for in mid-stream with huge nerfs like this. You are punishing the honest players again for the actions of the cheaters!)