New Region on EU-West - Dear Devs

Dear Devs,

thanks for all the work you put into this game and our servers.
Im not a fan of much words, but if you read this, please give us Server Tranfers with the complete Account (Gold, Silver, Stats and Achievments) to the new Region, and im the first one leaving Asta and the Dailys 4-5 Hours Que with over 20k.

But, if i cant keep my progress, all i can do is stay in the que forever, like the most people i gues.


They cannot and will not implement Server Transfers as it’s not in the game of the original Korean version. Who knows what’ll happen in the future, but as of now it won’t happen.

Thats not right tho. Korea has Server transfers.

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Korea has tested server transfers, they haven’t implemented them as a feature…

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Server transfers, as folks above have mentioned, do not exist yet as a functionality. We all certainly wish they did and we have asked the developer’s to prioritize their implementation for future use.


@Seawolf Do you plan at least on cloning the current server data to the new region, so people have an incentive to switch over without progress loss?

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I’m curious why the answer continues to be that server transfers do not exist as a functionality when the Lost Ark Korean site shows that they do exist as recent as January 2022 (seen here: 1/12(수) ~ 1/16(일) 서버 이전 신청 기간 안내 (내용추가) | 로스트아크 - 공지사항). I understand that they are a limited thing that Smilegate did but the functionality does exist (or has existed at one point). So I’m not really sure I understand why an already existing system cannot be brought from the KR version to the NA/EU version.

Are you considering something like a full compensation,for players who paid you money and claimed drops and packs?Or you just gonna leave us rot on the queue forever,so hopefully one day we enter the game and get to enjoy our purchases?

that was a one time only and SG controlled the thing 100%, as someone explained it to me it was not your regular transfer, you didnt get to choose anything, you just got the ticket and waited for the boat to unknown

Sure, I understand that this was a limited one time thing that Smilegate did. My post was pointing out that the answer from AGS has always been that the functionality (as in the ability to do server transfers) does not exist. The post I linked shows that the functionality does exist.

Because they do not exist as a functionality? What you’re linking is the Korean team accepting limited applications to do server transfers, which most likely meant the team did a very manual process and this was an extremely difficult task (they have said they will never accept server transfers again because it was THAT challenging).

This is not a functionality in the way you want i.e. the server transfer system you see in other MMOs like FFIXV where the system is set-up to handle the transfer automatically. This is not a function in the current system and cannot be implemented without a lot of background work.

See my reply above but I was responding to this from AGS… “do not exist yet as a functionality” when in fact it does as a system was built to allow server transfers. And you’re right… it’s a different system and posed a ton of challenges that would need to be worked on or tweaked in order to make it work on a larger scale. I guess we’ll see what they do going forward.

trust me on this

if the functionality did exist we would already have it and probably for 10€ price.

At this point ut would be literally suicide if the info leaks that AGS has the ability to server transfer but is deliberately torturing EU

I understand your point and I wish they could do them as well! But just to again say, it’s a ‘functionality’ in the way that getting 100 hamsters to power your car down the street is a functionality. Yeah it’s probably possible but you wouldn’t say “oh this is a functionality of our car” just because it’s technically possible.

Yea… we know the framework is there at least but from what I’ve read and heard about the Korean server transfers it sounds like they would need to put in quite a bit of work to make it possible on a larger scale.

No…it is in the game…you know…dotdotdotdot

Dunno if the CMs here are just misinformed or simply lying. Its also not “in testing”. It is a functional feature in the Korean client.

Server transfers aren’t in game atm. If new world is anything to go by, they will take months to implement.

Tbh, it boggles my mind that a) a 4 year old mmorpg doesn’t have this function and b) AGS didn’t push to get this function in place for release on the EU given the clusterfuck that was new world.

I don’t know if you’re just not reading the link you posted or what but it very clearly states the server transfers are limited and you have to make an application. The transfer will then be actioned after a certain period and certain restrictions will apply.

This in no way is the server transfer system people are looking for, this is a very manual and slow system which would not work to the scale of the EU/NA release. That’s why it is in ‘testing’ and why it is not currently a part of our client.

incorrect. It has been used in the korean version before for ‘emergency situations’. its just not a permanent feature. Its only been used for a situation similar to what the whole of the EU are suffereing from. Apart from in the Korean version it was just for one server afaik.

So, a game out for years did not learn from Blizzard it might be smart to have a tool called character transfer? Which they know will be needed at some point when servers die out? Which is later something to be sold as a “character service”?