New region + powerpass

So…With the new EU region opening up I’m quite interested in levelling on there, since I wanna play the game, not spend 90% of my awake time in queue.

But what about my powerpasses? They say 2 per account, and obviously I invested into a server early, and got to 50 early, and used my 2 powerpasses to get alts. But will I be totally screwed rerolling server? do I really need to spend close to 60-70 hours I guess on levelling 3 chars 1-50.

Will there be additional powerpasses gifted to users rerolling region?

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Game passes should be linked to regions, therefore you should be able to obtain them again as you did the first time. It would be the same if you were to start, let’s say, in America. That said I would like an official confirmation too.

The powerpass for power leveling alts is per server.

But OP is wrong.
If you start a new character on a new and hit 50 complete vern you will get a new powerpasses for that server.

I do however think that if they knew you had 1 character on any server to 50 then it should gift you an “open powerpass” so you can use it on that new server cluster.

It however would mean your roster level and all the quests you have done previously would not be counted as completed, and that is a big loss because the tiered content requires those quests to be complete, so you’ll be forced to do them anyway.

It’s not “per server”. You dont get 2 PP on EUC server 1 and another 2 on EUC server2.

You DO get 2 PP on EUC and 2 PP on EUW however, because its per region.

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Is this Confirmed ? Because i can’t find a official answer