New road map is pile of *****

Old roadmap

  • Destroyer
  • New Continent
  • New Guardian Raid (so the start of the locked level 6 after Velganos)
  • New Abyssal Raid
  • New solo Dungeon ‘Thronespire’ (The T3 tower)
  • Ranked PvP season Start (Which we already have)
  • QoL improvements

After revising player data the new content they think we can handle is;

New Roadmap

  • Lance Master
  • New Continent
  • 960 powerpass

This new roadmap is a massive kick in the teeth, they didn’t listen to anything the community said and are now withholding content just like AGS did with New world. I feel like a broken record comparing it to new world considering how different they are but the mistakes the developers are making are all the same history is quite literally repeating itself in almost the same time scale as new world Our New world November content drop was around the same amount of weeks after the games release just over 2 months from release we are current 8 weeks into release almost after release Time frames are are similar and the kind of F**k ups are also similar.

lol CM tried to edit Title couldn’t even do that right, starting to wonder if they’re good at anything.


They did listen to the community - the community threw a tantrum over Argos releasing too soon, so they pushed back Valtan.

And it’s the correct decision, because the community would throw another tantrum when it found out Valtan was 1415


Probably they dont want new guardian dungoen because they dont want relic accessories to be dropped before legion raid

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community said this was not the problem, the problem was the fail about missing content, and not giving at release, the honing korea has. which would allow far easier to get to 1415 for april etc etc.

All with in mind, Gold River saying the aim is to reach fast enough the korean state of the content.

and why i said community said this ?
In a post roxx said “we saw we were too fast for argos” and tens and tens post answered to it “no no no, your didn’t understand what you say argos is fine, honing and missing content are the problem, give them asap and we will be fine” …

but nope they don’t care feedback, just metrics… Why listen to mere humans after all ?


players are never happy, no matter what they announce…


Not only did tons of people say that was the problem, but many of us predicted that Amazon would delay Valtan because tons of people said it was the problem. Those people were wrong, but as they say, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

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AGS is not a non-profit company. They will always want to make as much profits as possible. If amount of money they make if they release all content at once or very fast is very very less compared to drip feeding content.

They just finding the balance at which MOST of the players don’t complain about the rate of which content is released and their margins.

Well Amazon doesn’t care about you as well, and i am pretty sure they have a financial team which i think can make better profit models then you.


New world is a great proof of how they are efficient to do profit !

but, ok you consider feedback on forum are useless, good to you but… what are you doing on a topic which is meant for feedback so ? . . .


The new content would have come with catch up mechanics, Argos was supposed to release with 1340-1370 Catch up mechanics but it didn’t, that was the issue, leaving the game dry and void of any actual content is the opposite of a good choice, they should of learned that with New World.

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AGS are not a Non-profit, Charity Organisations are Non-profit companies like Red cross and such, AGS are a Game Studio a Business that Spend money to make money and their profit is so low because they aren’t any good at making games.

Under general discussion? Not game feedback duh

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Lol :laughing:

What Profit AGS started making games in 2012 and have yet to make a single successful game we the community of players expressed to them the route they are taking would not end well and they chose to go down that route anyway their experts took the game from over 900k people down to just 34k in 5 months their new content drop couldn’t even bring their numbers back up because it was a content dry dlc.

Game doesn’t need to successful for it to make profits… cash grab games

If AGS are non profit then so is Xbox, Bethesda, Smilegate, Activision, EA, Epic games, Origins… the list is endless with Game studios.

I think the roadmap is pretty good, would’ve liked to see more material boosts in the notes but in general not rushing Valtan is good.

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Some people said that it was fine, but a whole lot more spend an incredible amount of effort complaining about it. Here, on Reddit, and on youtube - a ton of large influencers made videos of how the argos release is killing the game, how it makes it heavily pay to win…etc

So, we reap what we sowed with this.

And also, the metrics are what matters - there are tens of million people playing the game, and low thousands posting on these forums. It’s just not representative of the progress of the game’s population; and even that tiny sample complained really, really hard about the argos release.


I wrote NOT a non profit

well oops Might need to get some glasses XD