New road map is pile of *****

It’s not just Valtan, Thronespire is the Tier 3 Tower it’s literally a catch up mechanic we are now no longer getting because the playerbase isn’t far enough ahead to warrant it’s release those of us in T3 are literally getting screwed because the majority of the player base are a bunch of Tier 1 and Tier 2 trash cans


There’s a long distance between being in T3, and being 1415, the ilvl needed for Valtan.

It was the same with Argos - the screaming didn’t come from people in T1/T2, but from people in T3 who had yet to pass the 1340 - 1370 climb, often even though they player really, really hardcore. And that climb is quite a bit easier than the 1385 - 1415 one.

1400-1415 is about the same as 1340-1370 is an insane climb, Reducing the amount of content available pretty much means anyone over 1340 has been screwed after we finish North Bern we will be back to doing our Daily grind on 6 toons then logging off for the day the update is supposed to improve player retention but it’s only going to make things worse. The game is currently sat at a 75% player loss minimum.

There’ll always be the point where you do the dialies and then either play alts or have not much else to do.

It’s like that in every mmo, and there’s no way for that not to be the case.

Also, the player loss number is unknown, but definitely not 75 % - at the start, everyone is hyped and there’s a million things to do, so people play more, boosting the concurrent player numbers. Now, a lot of people play the game in maintenance mode, doing dalies/events before logging off. That makes for a much smaller concurrent players number, but the people still play the game.

I mean, I’m not saying people haven’t quit, of course they have, just like they have in every game ever released. But doing 1 - current peak/launch peak and calling it a player loss is nonsensical.

And yet they’re releasing 1445 content in May when we all know the vast majority of the playerbase will not be able to access it. The backlash will be much worse than Argos this time. Just wait.

I didn’t see in the roadmap anything about them releasing Valtan Hard mode. By them saying it’s a 1415 encounter, not mentioning any other ilvl, I infer that they have no intentions of releasing Valtan hard at this point. Doubly so because doing that would skip over Vykas normal, who’s 1430.

the player base was over 1.2 million that’s the number of players who paid to play during the 3 day early access the number was only inflated to 1.3 million with Free to play and bots so we can guarentee a 1.2 million player base at launch of real people the playerbase is currently sat at 354k with Bots so we can round that down to a realistic number fo 340k+ so if we use the realist figure and the guaranteed player base of 1.2mil we have lost 75% of the player base because the free to play players increased our total number of players and the bots lowered our current total players., that makes 75% a very fair guesstimate since it’s probably Higher then that %.


first of all if u are raging about new world go to new world forums , second i understand that whales are 1415 and above already and bored of the content we have currently , third ,majority of ppl are not even 1370 and u want 1415 starting raid to be released , for once they did listen to majority rather then laud minority of community

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Not arguing with you and this is just for info, In the US alone, the video game industry makes more than the movie and music industries combined, think about that for a moment. You don’t have to make a “successful” game for it to be a profitable venture. I would also point out that the advent of Covid would have sent those numbers skyrocketing.

That’s concurrent players, as in the number of players online at the same, not the playerbase.

The playerbase is the total amount of players playing the game. Those numbers are completely different, by orders of magnitude, and only loosely related.

Ha, I missed that.

Curious if they go through with it.

Just baffling honestly. After the Argos debacle they seem to be making the same error. The outcry will be even worse this time because baby mode players (read: the majority) will not get access to their juicy Relic set when whales/nolifers will.

I’m curious about the crafting requirements too. We’ve already seen with Argos and Punika Abyss that they’re not adverse to manipulating this.

I’ve already been there on RU and JP. Who says I’m crying? We’re discussing the decisions Amazon is making that may harm the longevity of this game in the West.

Yeah, releasing Valtan hard straight would be strange, at best.

Then again, I’ve had my morning dose of copium already, so I think it’s just an oversight on the image, rather than them planning to do that.

IIRC it was done like this in JP. People skipped straight to HM, but that was after a much more protracted release schedule where many, many people were higher gear score.

The biggest thing missing from this Roadmap is an explanation for their decisions, especially considering they’re claiming it was motivated/driven by player feedback. People will grin and bear things they don’t like if they can see the sense in it, but if you leave them in the dark they’re just going to assume the most malicious things imaginable got us to this point.

Explanations are pointless because a lot of people won’t like it, no matter what it is - you see that on the shadowhunter model change - they gave an explanation, and it only added extra complaining about the explanation on top of the complaining about the model.

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because it was a bad reason to change it

there’s no reason to accept something just because it was explained

A perfect demonstration of why giving detailed explanations is pointless ^^

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That’s because people can’t see sense in it. I believe the most common response to that was class visibility in combat is meaningless when people run around in animal costumes, which are seen as perfectly acceptable obfuscation. People see the weak response and immediately they assume there’s a lie there and it becomes confirmation bias if you’ve already seen evidence of censorship.