New roadmap is out guys



  • You will likely be disappointed
  • There will be a number of things you’ll complain about on the forums

Come on Red inhale some of that Copium!

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I said likely :slight_smile:

You can’t ever please everyone so regardless of what the roadmap says there’s gonna be some doomers visiting the forums either way :smiley:


Im gonna take a deep breath and get my keyboard warriorness in action.

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I’ll take a neutral approach and try and please everyone :wink:


When you expect a lot, you will be disappointed.

You should only expect 2 things.

Elgacia and aeromancer

I gotta add that frog is an awesome Hopium frog. One of the best I’ve seen

I dont really know what do you guys expect. You already know what you gonna get.
You will get Aeromancer in June then in the next month Elgacia then 1-2 month nothing then Akkan or Slayer and probably thats it for the year.

June probably when Korea gets theirs also

Roadmap will be posted next week

Thats already a lot :v

Hey there @mmapedro321,

Are you excited about the new update? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

This thread should have been a rick roll

No pls no more frog. Or engravings cost only a penny.

We also look forward to reading it’s contents xD.

Best Hopium usage ever xD

Realistically it is just

  • aeromancer (prays to god to come mid May so the fking artists disappears and I can play my alt roster supps again) . And Hell clown + QoL
    (replacing 1 of my alt roster supps with another GL with aeromancer powerpass and express thats gonna be at least 1460., and Kill once for all any supp in all my rosters with zerker pass that must be 1490 pass…) screw supps

  • elgacia july

  • september female zerker to put the final nail in the coffin to artist.

i hope my main dps Aeromancer

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you mum is out !