New Royal crystal packs

Is this how this game does things, they added like 4 diff packs that help only people that can swipe w progressing, are we not gonna get anything that we can buy for blue crystals, is there just gonna be more and more paid packs bein added ?


LA is p2w, where have you been?

i mean im fine if people can pay to get further w the awful rates of royal crystals to gold, but adding all these packs that they can pay for is crazy, like as a non spender or light spender u gotta play so fkin much to even be at the level of the newest raid, not just ilvl i mean all the reqs for the raids too

Yeah thats true, it doesnt appeal to new players at all.

either grind 24/7 to get some mats or swipe and get months worth of shit in 10s. EASY!

Ye at this point i would be better of gettin another job than playin the game :joy:

But people wanted those packs … they were upset when they removed the punika growth pack.

I might be incorrect here, but I also believe that originally it was set to 3 per roster. So those that jumped on that wagon early got 3x the spending power of people who are even willing to spend now.

They got 3 packs so what? its not like they can’t get the same amount of mats with some extra money buying gold from ags

My point is that they got 3 times the value. Obviously anyone can spend money for gold, but the pack itself is a value spend over just buying gold. To be clear, I’m agreeing and adding to your point, so I’m not sure why the hostility.

hostility? what are you talking about lol

Want to buy mats whit the free gold you got on a f2p game, ha
Theres Mari shop for that

Maris sucks tho, these packs are actually good, and yes people wanted the growth pack, but i was like huh cool 1k royal crystals for a bit of mats sounds like a nice lil thing anyone can afford, instead we get 3x cards pack thats expensive, like 3 packs for mats that ends up costing a lot if u wanna buy all and this aint even the end, if they end up giving us all packs KR has oh boy is this game gonna be terrible for any non spender.

Casual non spenders meaaybe because normal non spenders are supposed to grind if they want to keep up whit content

The mats are like 1 day of grind with a good roster. Its a catchup for newer player mostly.

Im gonna buy them for my destroyer which will get pushed instantly once we get the express event.

Also you can only buy them once. In KR you can buy them weekly out. And eventually we will have that too.