New skin selling question for dev?

hello, i have a question.
if I buy the new outfit in the shop, and don’t open it. will it be adapted to the destroyer which comes out in April is it only valid for the existing classes immediately.
I ask this because I am waiting for my destroyer and the skin on sale will not be available the day before it is released, so I would not like to buy it if it is not adaptable (especially the weapon)

Thank you in advance for your reply

up need official answer thx

Greetings @amenum

Thank you very much for bringing your current issue to our attention and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

Unfortunately purchases will not upgrade nor adapt if you do not open them on time.
You are buying the actual right for the skin available, not for future ones.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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thanks JWarlock

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You’re very welcome mate

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Patience is a virtue, regards,

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