New Skin tomorrow with blue crystal?

Will the new skins coming tomorrow be sold for blue crystal as well ? i know that the mounts are royal crystal only, and that the current summer skin is also royal (prob due to it being seasonal) but the upcoming skin is just new skin so will it be available for blue crystal to ? kinda stupid to have it released tomorrow and only being able to buy it from other’s players after 3 days.

Looks like royal crystal skins to me.

They have their own pack with a mount and stuff, their own hot site in korea etc, just like the bikini. I say Royal Crystals.

It’s kinda stupid to have to wait 3 days, but Bikini Skin were a major thing community wanted and we still had to wait.

Buy it on the AH with gold? It’s effectively the same.

I believe those skins will be sold in rc. Far as i remember season 1 lostark skins were sold blue crystal and rc but in season 2 any new skins that was created during season 2 i dont recall blue crystal skins.