New Skins after Omen?

So now that the Omen Skins are running out tomorrow, can we get any information when there will be new Skins?
Will it be really only 1 Skin every month?

i want to look cool and different from other people…


That’s why MMORPG works in KR, but not in EU/NA, because EU/NA devs/Publishers dont understand that.

We had Omen skins, then this month, 1 skin, and everyone is gonna be a Lance master.

On Korea server you can see 25 different skin without moving for 10min.


Apparently because that’s how they make $$$.

Would you buy Omen skin if there was summer / any other cool skins available?

Who cares about players anyways.


Im almost certain that the omen skins will be removed and no new skins will take their place until the next big update. Which is whenever.

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Yes. I would like to know what the next set, dare I say sets, will be.

Omen skins are evidence that AGS are clueless about the fact that Lost Ark is a Mobile Gacha in disguise.

Imagine Epic Seven or Illusion Connect players reaction if the devs would release “Omen Skins” for their favorite waifus.

There would be a riot.

Please someone explain to the AGS board that L.A. is not Halo or WoW.



Some people would still buy the Omen skins.
I dont get why we cant have multiple Skins in the Shop?

A big Part in an MMO for me is looks, right now there are so little ways to “dress” your Character.


There was another topic about it but Il somewhat repost:

There was topic earlier with good prediction that we will see these next:

Maybe delayed but fits with what you would expect AGS to choose.
Also someone said this is what came out with South Vern on other region.

So yes Omen v 2.0 no kidding.

I do like the weapons but not so much the armors.
The style fits the weapons better.

Oh trust me, they are for sure not clueless.

Omen skins are skins with worst sales on Korea - I see every second / third player running around with Omen skin on west. Why? Because they don’t have any other option.

Some people, 100% not as much people that bought now.


Not only for you, for much people.

There is people taking 2 hours to do their character, and there is people just pressing random and create, but both are affected by the fact their gear look like everyone, and both want diversity.


Oh noes, don’t give them ideas please :smiley:

@Roxx it would just be nice to hear Plans for Skin Releases in the West, because 1 Skin a Month is pretty lame and disappointing.

I get that, at Release of the game where bigger issuses to Fix before new Skins but now Skins would be a big part of “Content” for a lot of people.


Well, sorry to tell you this, but you WONT have their plan, because they are not confident in their plan, because their plan DIDNT WORK ONCE since the launch.

Roxx can’t do anything, the worst Roxx can do is lying, the best is saying the word he/she get from above.

To be honest, it’s quite depressive, but the best way to have an accurate view of how things are gonna be release (be it content, skin, mounts, updates, classes) is your instinct.

They told us a thing, then changed, so we were all thinking it was ready, proof is that it was not, it’s delayed, there is no answer right now.

It’s even possible that they do something like not putting skins in the shop when the Ark pass release “because there is already a skin in the ark pass kekw”

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Short answer is: Not tomorrow, but SOON :expressionless:

“Due to player feedback and continued sales we are extending Omen skins until May update”

I dont think it will be 1 skin per month. It will be 1 skin per 2 months, at least thats how it was until now

also fun fact, KR made more new skins in 3 months by scratch than amazon is giving us already existing skins in the same time. Pathetic right?


I know I said I’d stop posting here, but this is just hilarious. Delaying the next skin would be one way of doing things, I can’t say I would be surprised. Can you imagine they delay the skin, and then release one of those ugly skin sets people keep sharing around? At this point just give us that battlepass, maybe it will have a better skin set in that, and I don’t even like battlepasses.

Next new skin is:

Soon tm :slight_smile:

I would set my CC on fire if they released all the skins with 0 guilt. Did this with PoE a lot when I saw some expensive supporter pack. :rofl: