New skins & classes but @AGS


If they would have released new costumes and new classes while not fixing the issues you would have posted the image but with inverted description.

So, stop complaining? The game has been released since 3 weeks. Play it.


yes i play it everyday for 3 weeks

I just look at the number of skins in F4, while the server troubleshooting is endless. So if it really makes sense I probably won’t post pictures.

They have an ongoing store issue and Roxx mentioned they wanted to have the store functional for everyone first.

Imagine the next time you buy a set, you are the victim, claim your skin chest and get… nothing. I’m also waiting for more skins but even if it’s low chance, to the unlucky ones that suffer the bug, it can be a deal breaker

yep that’s why I posted this picture lol every server or functional issues is an important, yes

but 3 weeks already

Why 3 weeks is not honest? I mean is not huge. It is less than a month :joy:

I mean don’t take me wrong I am really making a huge effort not buying the current skins (which I don’t like) as my character is really not looking good. But I understand as well that they have other priorities which as well OK for me.

Korea as tons of skins which will be released to us at some point : )

There are about 15 classes to play. No need to add additional one so soon (except perhaps the Summoner that was removed violently before release). New skins sound nice, but that also adds time pressure to buy them before they leave the store. This month we had many expensive purchases like founder/starter packs, items for progression and all the stuff currently in the store so I don’t mind Amazon isn’t adding one costume after another.

None of their fix worked so far and the shop didn’t change either sooooo…

  • They are already all made you just have to add theim to the shop it’s not as if you had to go from scratch & even if they did, cosmetic team & server team are not the same… (or so i hope else it would explain a lot)
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i would rather wait 30 min for a MM with a nice skin/costume, than waiting 30 min with no nice skin/costume :))

I want Amazon to fix matchmaking and queue issues on Central Europe, ban gold sellers and bots massively, fix store issues and whatnot first, before I want new skins and/or classes.

I agree with ban gold sellers and bots (very important)

but about server problems such as MM and queue… None of their fix worked so far and the shop didn’t change either.

And as far as I remember, they couldn’t be fixed. And they added a new region zone already. (as far as I’ve read)

Most games launch with skin/mounts/outfits then add in shortcut items later, Yet we got all the pay to progress stuff first and a few cosmetics, Almost a month into US release (this is not a new game) we still have none of the ones everyone sees in trailers/screen shots etc… showing off one thing and delivering something else… classic 2019+ gaming marketing tactic.


Because it’s weird thinking, 99% of gaming companies do it this way but AGS :thinking: let’s do it opposite and let’s see how it will work… our answer is: it won’t work. It’s so simple skins = money and if they think upgrading from shop will bring more money to them oh god how wrong they’re.

I also wish for new skins, just to bring some creativity into the game, because they all look the same… Fashion and glamor are just part of it for me and the classes yes that’s too early

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summon skins today!

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all im saying is they need to add more skins before they lose their player base

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Yes, I agree!