New Skins not availabe in store


Added the Omen skin collection to the in-game store. These cosmetics will be available in >exchange for Royal Crystals until the April Update releases.

These was the official patchnotes. ^^
But i miss some new stuff in the ingame-Store.

Is these a bug? May wrong patchnotes?

Server Asta EU Central

I was just about to make a post on this too, Missing for me too

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wow i was just about to make this post as well haha, i guess everyone is having this problem.

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nope, its deff not here. :confused: Na East

So we aren’t really missing anything then…

skin where where skin?

i am sorry i cant stop laughing xD how can u announce smth and then not even put it in xD

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I thought the patch was dropping with server maintenance this evening?

Skins are in the shop. They appeared perfectly at 1am CET