New skins with next maintenance?

Hi all,
who’s hoping to finally get some new stuff in the shop with the next maintenance? :smiley:

I’ve noticed that servers are stabilizing the last few days and I personally haven’t encountered any queue times or shop problems on EU Central which gives me hope that we finally will have some more customization options in the shop.

Any official info regarding that or?



hi im hoping too but no news yet sadly

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I hope so but I’m worried we’ll get 1 more skin that looks like Alar.


yeah and censoring skins


well i am expecting new skins within the march update… and they better not be ugly censored ones. cause if so then i’m more than likely just gonna stop playing this game for good. i don’t plan on saving my crystals forever here. give me skins so i can finally start spending my crystals on them and perhaps even buy more crystals to buy more skins. enough with the ugly skins time for the good stuff to pop in the shop…

if that happens i’m uninstalling the game…


Let us pray together with Father Armen for new un-censored skins this week from AGS :pray:


I have a feeling they will rotate through the alternate variations of the founders skins for a while unfortunately…

In Korea the founders packs gave you a SELECTION chest, where you could choose your color. Here they gave us a set color, and sold us the other ones separately. On the shop we have: Paladin, Striker & Gunslinger alternate founders skins. Those were included in the Korean founders packs selection chests. In Korea they also gave the option to buy these selection chests if you missed out on the founders packs. Here in the west they preyed on our FOMO. And now slowly tease us with alternate variations 3 at a time, hoping we buy them all.

If they do this. They got to give us something NEW as well. I’m kind of sick of founders skins now. Most of us have two or three of them already.

To those posting about censorship. They already said they won’t. They can only censor promotional screenshots. They already have half naked sorcerers in the game. I highly doubt they will waste smile gates time getting them to alter each and every future skin. When it’s already too little to late, with no one complaining about the clevege currently in the game.

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I truly hope skins are coming soon along with the roadmap, it’s going to be a month in and no roadmap which is the most insane thing considering Smilegate wanted that done before launch lol


It’s also insane that beta had more stuff at shop…


Yup I was very surprised when I first launched the game and I found that the shop is empty, considering the launch of every game is where the most hype is and therefore they can make the most profit

they have everything ready but they just refuse to put it up in the shop… they think locking us with just a couple of crappy outfits / almost to nothing useful in the shop will make us buy them since we won’t find what we’re looking for. nope not gonna happen… you either offer me something that’s actually worth paying for or i’m not touching the shop at all…

when the NPC’s wear better outfits than you… feels like GTA Online. Rockstar games only put recolors of what we already have but nothing nothing new and interesting meanwhile NPC’s wearing the best stuff… they have everything ready for release but they just choose to not release it…


Yes, and pvp rewards / ranked season

3000 queue yesterday 04:00PM on Asta and matchmaking problems at 06:00PM.

I hope for new skins too.Im sit here on my Royal Crystals and always refresh F4.

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Deep inside I feel there won’t be any skins and it’s similar to NW. Someone previously mentioned that they might milking us and it might be true. I hope I’m wrong.

At the rate they are releasing skins with this “one a month” trend (albeit a very small sample size) we are all gonna be dressed the same regardless… I cannot understand that a company is not listening to people who are basically begging to spend their money for assets that are already created and them not doing it. Sometimes these companies make no sense to me.


More skins = a bigger chance that you’ll select 1 specific skin and stick with it until you’re bored of the game. With great skins being released after a short interval, you’ll most likely buy another one after some time.

I see a lot of people running with current skins at the moment and I bet 70% of people hate the skins. There is simply no other choice. And they will buy new skins later on. Imagine buying Alar or smth like that if you have all the skin collections available in the store.

I bet they wanted to release a few more skins around Feb 20th but it was not an option because of the current situation with the server & overall PR status.

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Well, i’m the kind of person that when I don’t like some cosmetic there’s no way I’ll buy it ever and that’s why I still haven’t bought any of the current skins as I find them all ugly.

Does anyone feel the same?


Yes, I do feel the same way. I just want new Skins so badly!!!


Hoping new skins and a roadmap to new characters.


Skins should be released at least every 1-2 weeks until we catch up imo.