New steam account after banned ?!

Dear Lost Ark Team, Dear Community,

What is the current situation with the following issue.

If an account has been banned for a certain period of time, is it allowed to create a new account to get around this ban?

According to Amazon’s guidelines this is not allowed.

Do not try to evade any disciplinary action by, for example, creating new accounts or asking others to act on your behalf. Any attempt to circumvent a penalty will also result in additional enforcement against your account, up to a permanent ban.

However, there are people who circumvent your ban and say it is approved by Amazon.

Could a community manager please look into this case and give us an answer.
Because if this is really true, then this is an open door for bots without consequences, if you are allowed to make accounts over and over again.

Thanks in advance

Wait what??? There are people who just make new accounts when they get banned?? I cant believe this, I am visibly shaking and crying right now


I know a couple of people who are supposed to be banned, but the hasard made it so they have a new 1490 on a new account :slight_smile:

Officially you are not supposed to make additional accounts. If you are banned from the game you are not supposed to be connecting period. But at the same time I don’t think that its something that they are really actively monitoring - though in the event that you are somehow caught they will extend your ban on your main account assuming it was not a perma ban as well as perma banning your new account.

Those people are blowing smoke… there were several CS Agents early on in the games life cycle that told players that it was fine to make additional accounts but at no point did they mention anything about bypassing account bans.

There are some posts from a few months ago that stated we aren’t even allowed to have more than one account even without a ban - though the CM that posted that is no longer working for AGS and the current CMs have failed to comment on whether or not those statements remain true.

Lots of contradictions with no clarification. Though I would guess that in the case of being banned the official stance would probably be no new accounts.

They really need to update the FAQ page at some point.

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The situation is create a new account with a new email and don’t tell anyone about it. Part of the reason bots can just multiply like rabbits, there’s nothing stopping new account creation.

you act like they can even tell just make a new one…zzzzz

The bad thing is that Amazon does nothing. Even if they know about such an account.

Because I have reported a streamer who admits this publicly and has made a new account.
Everything with links and picture evidence but he still has the account.

This rather means that Amazon money is worth more than a clean game.

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New Steam New You

Just like a years resolution to try and not get banned again in 2023.

Worse they buy an existing high level account from the bots or buy and sell rmters


That’s the answer to Your Question.

What happens in new steam, stays in new steam. Have at it, they wont even know.

Eh wut. Yes the bots are breaking most rules there are. When you break rules, you don’t care about the rules.

You care about the consequences. If they are manageable, you just do it.

And what about with streamers who create a new account? I know someone who got banned for rmt and he’s still streaming…

Let us ask how the bots work circumventing the bans.

Let’s be honest here there is no way Amazon can police the creation of new accounts.

Like the Code of Conduct says, ban evasion isn’t tolerated. Not in game, and not in the community. When the Game Moderation team finds out about ban evasion, they act on it just like how when our Community Moderation team finds out about ban evasion, they act on it.

Bans are only one way we handle the bot situation and like F2P said above:

That is why bans aren’t the only tool in our toolbox. Our teams are constantly working out new ways to address the bot situation. I can’t share with you how it is done because we don’t want to clue in bot makers on how our systems work, but I can assure you that we are constantly working to quell the bots.


Thank you for your open and honest answer.
According to my latest information, the case is currently with a moderator from AmazonGames and needs some time.

I will now wait another 14 days and see if appropriate action has been taken. If this is not the case, I will contact you again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great work CommunityManager

i evade bans by following the code of conduct, is this allowed?

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@KARAFFAN that’s called preservation and not evasion, because you don’t need to dodge something if there isn’t anything against your actions.^^