New steam users forced to pay money in game to get trusted status

What is this ridiculous system? I have been patiently waiting and tracking posts for 2+ months now and there are tons of people having issues with getting trusted status in lost ark. New steam accounts are almost forced to buy royal crystals to get trusted in the game, otherwise they have to spend 5€, activate mobile guard and wait for months.

I am waiting since January 21. I am trusted on steam for almost 2 months.

Can we please play the game? Steam support can’t help us with this because they can’t verify our lost ark account, amazon support is useless. A lot of new players are quitting because of this, just visit the “game support” section and see how this system is ruining the game for new players.

Playing without AH for 2 months was a pain, something needs to be done about this. I don’t even know how I made myself reach 1445 without AH, such a shame that I really love the game but I will have to quit because they don’t care about players. Cheers.

So after I was told that 90 days information is outdated, I was also told that I have to make in game purchase to get trusted status, so I changed the title to fit the new information. Disgusting.


After gold nerf I have seen a lot of people concerned about new player experiences with gold nerfs. If you care about new players, please help us play the game.

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Bro. Buy $10 worth of royal crystals and wait 3 days. Problem solved.


I have seen people buying royal crystals and not getting trusted for weeks, I won’t do it, at this point the game should be not be listed as “free to play”

I am not spending 1 cent on this game after being lied to for 2 months.


kekw ! I liked the “worth” !! cash cow spotted



ok, then have fun being treated like a bot. It is what it is. But it really does only take 3 days if you do what I said, which you probably will anyways.


good point, a lot of players are treated like a bots because amazon “cares” about player base. i didn’t buy it for over 2 months and I surely won’t buy it now lmao

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944 replies in a post about trusted status troubles, no one cares

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no one giving us any solutions, just automatic useless answers, no one cares

go tell everyone just to buy royal crystals, that’s probably the goal of this system, to get people to spend money in game. I understand whales don’t see the problem with this system but the game is advertised as free to play

LMFAO typical lost ark player behave… I’ve played so many P2W game… lost ark is for the poor guy compared to them… and look at what you’re saying… HAHAHAHAH !!! I’m just talking about how ppl can be obedient and enslaved easily with a video game… “get a life nerd” you said ? ROFL the sarcasm is real… you clearly know what you’re talking about

I didn’t read the end first time I replied… THIS IS HUGE !! let me repeat one more time



Your first mistake was playing Lost Ark published by AGS.
Second mistake was contacting “support” thinking anyone competent worked for AGS.
Your third mistake was posting on the AGS forums and expecting any coherent, reliable or even slightly useful responses.

Many mistakes have been made, might be time to move on. This company is hot cow excrement and if you expect anything from them, don’t hold your breath(neither figuratively nor literally).

I’ve been playing their games for years and that’s because I’m a masochist(literally). If you aren’t like the long time players here and enjoy self punishment, just quit and find something that’s actually worth your time.


Thank you for actually useful reply, I do like the game and I didn’t mind all the bad sides it has, but I am realizing what you are saying is true and I should move on. I don’t play it as much anymore because there is no point.

February 23. “only a matter of time for you to be able to trade in game”

This is what’s bothering me, they are lying to us, telling us it’s only a matter of time after we did all what was required. And somehow people turn this around and it’s our fault because we didn’t buy royal crystals.


While i worded it more negatively than is usually allowed on the forums without a spanking from the ban babies, I was indeed being quite serious. If you go through what they’ve done you’ll see that this company has really ruined the game experience for new and returning players below 1460 item level.

No one from AGS actually plays the game outside the test server for an hour or two and as such have no idea of the impact the restrictions and changes they’ve added make on the player base. They see the feedback as unhappy drug addicts crying about side effects but still spending money on their addictions so as we’ve seen over the past year, they don’t often respond to or make any changes based on feedback since the net profit is unaffected. The support are unable to help with most issues and if you ask on the forums the mods will send you back to the useless “support”.

The community here is toxic and unhelpful, berating anyone who voices an opinion and never missing the opportunity to make snarky, unhelpful comments unrelated to the topics they post in. In all honesty, even if you love the game, the company publishing it sucks, the community sucks and the support is useless. It’s quite terrible and unless you just have a ton of free time that wouldn’t be considered wasted regardless of what you do with it, you’re better off not playing this version of Lost Ark. You’d be missing nothing at all by moving on from this and doing something more enjoyable or productive.


as usual, useless comments about random things and no one cares about the real issue, the game is already down to 80k players with almost half of that being bots, new players have to pay 10$ if they want to play the game and 90% of them quit because it’s supposed to be free. I guess no new players allowed if you don’t pay them :slight_smile:

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Amen to that.

I’m all for removal of this. The effect on bots has to be insignificant when compared to customer satisfaction.


imagine how big brain AGS is making $10 worth of royal crystals from all the bots

instead of milking player milk the millions of bots


This is correct and a massive issue not affecting bots in the slightest despite being introduced as a “bot prevention method”. New players are unable to use many multiplayer services without paying for steam verification. Even if it was/is 100% free under certain circumstances, having not invested much into the game then gated by an external restriction seemingly for pointless reasons(to a new player) the best option is to just quit and move on. As i stated in a previous topic, AGS has literally no idea of the actual impact of their “bot prevention methods” on real players. They make decisions purely from a business standpoint which is understandable as that’s what they are, but when your business is funded directly by your consumers, you need to place a higher importance on the impact of your actions on said consumers.

I think the main issue is that Amazon Games Studio was a bad choice for a publisher as they are funded by a larger company and the loss incurred by their negligence and inability to properly manage the game is of no importance in the grand scheme of things. They’ve already made enough “potential profit” from Lost Ark’s launch and at this point they need only milk the cash cow until it dies out.


Willing to quit the game instead of soending $10 on crystals is insane to me with your progress. Girlfriend stafted playing the game on a brand new steam account the second the store was available i bought $10 crystal pack 2 days later she had market access

Currently I am only logging in to collect daily rewards, when I get trusted I will actually try to play the game, I am on day ~68, if I am lucky I will get trusted in ~22 days. I just hated being lied to that it’s just a matter of time when I will no longer be restricted and then 1 month later I am still restricted…

and it’s not just about me, every single new steam user has to wait 90+ days to get trusted if they don’t pay 10$, I understand it’s not a lot of money but the game is supposed to be free