New story pass gives free Argos gear to all bots, negating latest bot measure ( 1375 gear score)

This is a huge issue.

This is the bot prevention measure from February [quote=“Official_News, post:1, topic:511261”]
Item Trading Level Restrictions

The following items will now require an item level of at least 1375 to sell on the Auction House or Market, send via mail, or exchange in player-to-player trades:
[/quote] - February Bot Prevention Measures Update

And it appeared to work rather well, for bots lack easy way to obtain argos / oreha gear.

However with these new passes, all bots will easily gain this gear, rendering this bot measure useless.

New players dont really need argos / oreha gear, as others will easily carry them through oreha runs to get the gear.

Meanwhile, bots will very much appreciate this.
This will benefit players very little, but bots will benefit heavily.

I do not say to remove the story pass, but removing the argos / oreha gear is a must, otherwise bots will have a free reign once again.

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  • little meme that sums up the issue
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You do realize that the Punika Powerpass will give 1340 Chosen gearset too right?


Players crying AGS is not caring about the general playerbase when they take bot measures

Players also crying when AGS is putting events that might also help the bots

AHH I love this community <3


“Players cry AGS dsnt help new players”

Also the players:
“[quote=“Borbarad, post:1, topic:517795”]
New players dont really need argos / oreha gear, as others will easily carry them through oreha runs to get the gear.


What new players? Even bots are quitting the game, we dropped from 210k on March 4th to 99k today. That’s 110k in 9 days.

Bots are getting deleted since march 10th
Every day player peak is 10k-20k less if you look at steam charts

You do realise that we will have twice as many bots after next patch cause it is twice as fast to get bots up and running. And botters will probably be creating spares for months to come since this pass is bots heaven - and easy to replace banned bots.

A community is a group of players with different goals and expectations, skill levels and time restrictions to play. It’s perfectly normal that on a feedback forums (created for feedback from players), you will see exactly that. Feedbacks ranging from all the different groups. And it’s probably one fo the best thing AGS/SG is doing to allow this feedback to be heard. It would be awsome if the same companies were competent enough to actually be able to provide solutions that would focus on the broblems - rather than affecting the commuinty in a very negative manner, almost every single time they finally do something about the set problems.

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and i agree with you, just calling out how people complain about everything without looking at the bigger picture of things.

This is sadly the harsh reality. Some of the current problems just can’t be solved (yet - hoperfully) while having everyone satisfied.

People need to take that into account.

I didn’t. I never flag anyone since I’m anti censorship. Moreover, it’s obvious this is your first MMO and you are very defensive in your arguments, so pretty easy for me to counter them with logic not flag.

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The problems can be solved. They are not solved because the game has already been out in Korea with current systems. Koreans would ragequit over there if the western game systems were adjusted to prevent EU/NA problems for us.

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Stop asking them to punish the player base to deal with bots. They need to deal with the bots in other ways. So what if we see an influx immediately, they’ll do a ban wave, and then it’ll cycle over again. This gear is not hard for bots to get anyway - just look at all the oreha and argos buses. Does this make it easier for bots to get there - maybe a bit - but they don’t care if they get it via the event or the bot running their content overnight. The bot is going to get there regardless.

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You do realise that AGS/SG are punishing the playerbase every single time they are helping bots to multiply faster? You think DC issues - lag and server problems are based on 125K real players playing the game? Event that is coming this week will do much more damage than good. Expecially considering D4 will be opening their beta up so new players will be few and very far between anyway.

I cant speak for anyone else but when I played about 8months ago with 600-800k “players” my DC, lag and ping issues were nothing like they are now so I have a funny feeling that isn’t on the bots :slight_smile:

But you are correct, D4 will release soon along with plenty of other games people are interested in this year and possibly next, so if AGS keeps punishing legit players instead of focusing on other preventions such as more ban waves, banning/negatively reducing gold of RMT’ers etc. do you really think legit players will stick around to be punished more and more knowing they are getting screwed out of rewards because of “bots” :slight_smile:

Maybe? Maybe not? Im not a mind reader xD But I wouldn’t stick around, as a paying customer I personally don’t appreciate being punished for others actions constantly and there is plenty, thousands even of other games out there that won’t do that :slight_smile:

Afaik you need a character above 1304 in order to receive the power pass.

AGS already removed alot of real players with their sanctions against bots (mostly only affecting real players).

AH cap of 20 items/day, new players cant get gold with 1375 ilvl req to sell, 10 sec between buys, 3 days delay when trading crystals to gold

Well yeah lists goes on. We wont have new players, just more players quitting with these sanctions

Let them we need fishes and more gems on the market. Struggling MMOs won’t survive without bots farming stuff for players.