New Subclass Suggestion

Hello, I am not sure how much say AGS has when it comes to suggestions or ideas regarding new additions to Lost Ark. I know that AGS are only a publisher and that Smilegate are the real developers who are pretty much entirely in control of the design and development of everything.

Besides that whilst I know that the western version of Lost Ark still isn’t very close to being up to date on the current amount of sub classes / classes left to be released into our version of the game and despite the vast amount of users coming to the forums angry and complaining that x class isn’t in the game yet I decided to instead come here to push for a suggestion of a new sub class rather than complaining for things we don’t yet have.

Onwards with the idea; A hack and slash like - Scythe wielding sub class for Assassin.

I’m sure it wouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone to say that quite an excessively large amount of players would be drastically fawning over just the thought of an edgy scythe wielding female character. Nor is it really surprising to think that even just the concept of it would likely drag tens of thousands of people to the game (If not more) due to how popular the said concept is in other large parts of western content.

I don’t really have many ideas myself for what kind of abilities this new sub-class would have though I’m sure that even with only the concept Smilegate would be more than capable enough to breathe life into the new class bringing it to the outstanding level of all the rest of the classes they have released so far.

Whilst I don’t have much in terms of ideas regarding the design of the abilities or anything of such a sub-class I do have a few gifs from one of the more prevalent popular pieces of western content to include this concept posted below;


I’m looking forward to hearing what other people might have to say in the comments
regarding ideas / more suggestions based on what I’ve already posted.

Again I don’t know if AGS has any kind of ability to forward ideas like this to SG at all,
But I have no idea of any way I could contact them to suggest it myself so this the only option I could think of for getting the idea out there and hopefully someday brought into the game.

Thank you for reading especially if you got this far down into the post as it means I managed to grab your attention and time away from your day with hopefully a concept that piqued your interest enough to bring you here, excited to see people’s responses below.

Leaving this at the bottom just in case it would help with bringing this to life in some way; @Roxx

They have been trying new weapons in KR, which is great.
Now they already have a few classes planned (some yet to release in KR), so even if they hear this suggestion it will take a lot of time to come.
If you want to make a post that SG can possibly see, there is inven for this (

The only classes I’m aware that are being designed and is planned to be released atm is Female berserker, also I haven’t tried posting on inven due to it being a korean website and me not knowing a word of korean.

they’re pretty creative over there

i wouldn’t have come up with umbrella and paintbrush as new classes to play

i’m not too worried about them coming up with new classes. i’m more worried about them not fixing systemic flaws in the game

Heya @Lilith1 - Love this concept! I’m more than happy to forward your ideas to the Development team to review. :slight_smile:

I look forward to further discussion around this idea!

That looks super cool. If only we got a male version so I could pretend to be Kayn!!! Oh well maybe 2025 we will see male Deathblade then 2027 Shadowhunter. 2029 baby that’s my year.