New summer sexy skins?

Any news about em? Are they coming out with the summer event?




Im gana quit if summer skin doesnt come out by fall


I think they will never release them. Same as gunslinger season1 legendary skin (the one in loading) so they don’t have to censor and still keeping their promise to not censor anything.


easy way for not being bully by ppl is doing nothing.

i can already here the twitter whales screaming those skins show unrealistic standard for woman and only sexualize them…they will never release it :smiley:

or do something like this:

*unsee juice not included


oh god…

Ever since Roxx said that Vykas model hasn´t been change at all i stopped worrying about censoring. The Majority of the most selling skins are somewhat lewd so i doubt AGS will actually try to convince SG to censor skins for them.

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well saying is a think i wanna see when vykass will be released and when ppl will do qte what they will say after.

if trhey release only full body bathing suits ill laugh my ass off while uninstalling

Something like this but with skirt? :smiley:

btw there is gigachad summer skin tho not only women!

lemme see them, my pala was getting really sad

u do know that 90% of the sorcs in the game RIGHT NOW are running aroung with just panties? It´s literally the 1340 argos legendary armor and AGS didn´t bother changing it.

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i know…and i also know that AGS never fail to surprise me so we’ll see…or not if they just dont release some summer skins

it’s for october so we got time

Aw yes the segz

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Not this year.