New summer sexy skins?


That’s what I said. They just don’t release them (that’s why we got season2 legendary and skip s1)

Amazon doesn’t think the West can handle it.

If we all push for swimsuits, they’ll probably ask Smilegate to make new ones like this:


Yes, I need my +1000 agility, Max Distraction bikini armor.

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I need summer skin

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We need niqabs in game not swimsuits :triumph:



They should add a marriage system etc … Would be better if they could add pervert mode so male could sexually harassing them smexy lass woof woof. That’s what you get for wearing something alikes … you asked for it :grin:

down vote. negative reaction, puke

You actually think AGS would release anything resembling bikini? Thanks for the laughs!

Do I need to find a KR waifu so i can play this game? been out for ages and we dont have 1% of this game released yet over here…

thats stupid, FFXIV has every skin released here and its the number 1 MMO rn. And these skins sells a lot

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AGS never confirmed when the summer skin come out I feel fooled

NGL I’d definitely buy these.

They should

Segs skins

What is this


Oh my god, I can see her ankles, how indecent!

Jokes aside, that dress would make for a cute summer skin though not at the cost of actual bikinis.