New "tips" screens

The new tip screens are not even long enough to read them, I suggest you take them out of game and instead of having the loading screens for nothing more that company recognition, you replace them with a tip screen, at least its up long enough to read, and those loading screens are a waste of space.
Also I may be wrong here but it seems to areas the new tip screens are in place are longer to spawn into.
So it will also fix that!

They serve the purpose of just making awareness… like you see a screen about “gems” and you go like… oh let me find out more info about that … google…

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So you wouldn’t rather they replace the loading screens, than every time you zone into a new area?

I like the random screens… be it a visual concept art screen or info screen…

The new tip screens I think have a lot of useful information, but it’s too much to read on a tip screen.

Maybe under the guide section at the bottom left they should add a tips section that brings up a list of all those tip screens so you can go look at them whenever you want with as much time as you need to actually read it.

Find I’m none the wiser reading it