New to TTH Gunslinger?

Curious which build has easier time going through T1>T3 fast and also not be gatekeep ?

Peacemaker is the “meta” build for gunslingers. TTH is looked down on because it has lower dps and is easier to play. You are unlikely to hit too much gatekeeping just because of TTH tho, you are way more likely to get gatekept cause of lower ilvl, lack of set or engravings.

At this point you might even experience slightly less gatekeeping because some folks who make stronger parties that want to do a bit of charity look for off meta builds to give it too.

If you are set on sticking with tth, you can try going swift tth since it is much cheaper and easier to get a full build. Generally, spec tth is the suggested route, but to be fair I don’t think anyone knows the difference unless they play gunslinger. You won’t be getting mvp, but at least you might get gatekept a little less because it is cheaper to build.